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  1. the shore this year .... some questions

    Kosta no disrespect to ur club but if u read my post i clearly state Merge is doing pretty well ...... ive been there every single weekend so far since u guys opened it..... i guess i was jumping the gun on the whole shore thing .... i was just wondering why XS has not been doing well (for example closing so early and everyone that works at XS tends to make their way to merge anyway) ..... but congrats on a successful start ...
  2. the shore this year .... some questions

    riiiiight b/c i have seen sooooo many fliers AHEAD of time, or have read on the internet AHEAD of time, or even heard these "radio advertisements" u are speaking of ...... gimme a break bro .... out of the loop my ass
  3. well i have been there every weekend so far b/c i have a house there .... to my knowledge XS has been closing early every night .... why is this??? while Merge is doing pretty well.... who promotes for these clubs .... i never see anything on here or other Message boards about what the hell is going on ...... merge doesnt really need much promotion because it seems that everyone is going there .... but XS, whats the deal.... doesnt the old Deko crew from the fall promote there by moving Santana to the shore .... why isnt it packing out, why arent promoters letting anyone know what is going on weekly.... they obviously need the business if they are closing every weekend at 1:30 - 2:00 both nights..... they need some big names down there.... get some talent.... yea Santana is good and all and Tssettos USED to run shit down there but what about mixing it up a little, some Calderone, Lawler, Chus, Vibe, Morillo, etc. just like abyss .... i dont understand why there is absolutely no promotion or different talent coming in to keep the club afloat i mean honestly if tssettos cant pack that place than i dont know maybe people dont even know hes there, i mean he was the king of the shore for so long now the club is closing early ..... they are thinking of closing XS and just having it open during holidays.... now thats bad .... any input from u guys
  4. Denny tsettos Reviews

    alright ...... im not one to bash a club or complain .... when i read these boards i usually laugh at the people who post camplaints like "we didnt get in for free .... drinks too expensive .... blah blah blah" i understand its a tough business to be in and its gotta be expensive to run an establishment like a club .. this is why i pretty much never complain ..... but ...... here we go i got there at 10:45 actually and the place was empty ... got in for free no problem .... we all went to the bar and the drinks were reasonably priced at your regualr 6 a drink .... than the bartender starts charging a different price to a friend who i was with who bought a big round for everyone ...... so whatever i figured they screwed up the math or something no big deal ..... we learned that every bartender charged a different proce there .... in the hip hop room jaeger bombs 7 a piece ... in the club room 6 a piece .... got to a different bar coors light 3 dollars goto the one right across the dance floor 5 a piece .... thats some BS ... you dont charge people diffferent prices ... there should be a set amount and thats it .... management needs to get that under control .... ASAP there were a lot of pissed people .... i would get a vodka and cran 6 bucks .. the dude next to me who i didnt know got the same thing and the bartender charged him 8 bucks ... he was like wtf .... Lighting .... huge improvement from the last time i was there ... thats a plus ... Speakers .... i dont know if i read correctly or what but i believe someone said they (S9) thought it out well and stuff ..... im not a speaker installer nor am i an expert but what the hell is with the speakers in the front of the room as soon as you walk in, turning on and off .... the highs all friggen night ..... that sounds like grabage ... maybe its hooked up wrong or something but i dont know .... maybe its hooked up to the speakers that the DJ uses temporarily while mixing and what not but all damn night on and off ..... def gotta fix that .... As for Denny .... hes good, has a lot of talent .... i think he actually played his best from the time i got there until about 11:45 than fell into a rut for a couple songs .... he did train wreck 2 mixes last night but whatever hes only human ... track selection ... im not really sure it flowed .... there were times he would be rocking it than completely change the vibe with a different up beat very "high" song that just didnt fit and would kinda ruin the vibe .... all in all i like denny i think he will do real good at that space ... just fix the bar problems and speaker problem (which i know is not his fault) and he will def. do well ...