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  1. DJ Jackie Christie is the FIERCEST DJ evah! So u know hearing the FIERCEST-&&^^%*^*(*)( DJ on what happens to be the FIERCEST *&*^%^%^%&Y^* Gary Stuart system is gonna be the &&*^&@#$#$^*(* throw down this comming Saturday -- I CANT WAIT child.... girl.... churrrrllll!!!! and of course, LOVE has the coolest policy in the entire world, about letting the DJ's decide when the party is over -- something about letting the DJ "tell their story" -- isnt that the fiercest *&^&^&@$#[email protected](*()_(^^%%$ thing you've ever heard in your life??? The management doesnt decide when to close, the DJ of the night, even a guest DJ decides when the party is over??? THATS OVAH! DJ Jaxs attaxs next Saturday night @ LOVE -- I LOVE IT! NOW THATS TEACHIN' THIS OLD DISCO DOG A NEW TRICK!!!