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  1. Listings for next week

    sorry for being really thick but where do i contact you to set this all up?
  2. Listings for next week

    I posted a while ago about what will be going on from feb 18-25 and was directed to a review of the clubs which was excellent and very useful. However we are looking for clubs that focus mainly on house/trance and mainly for the monday/tues/weds/thurs of next weeek. can anyone come up with an itinerary for us taking in to account our music tastes-also a club where the focus is on dancing and not necessarily on VIP if you know what I mean?
  3. Heading over for week feb 18-25

    new to this board so hello to everyone. Am heading over with a big group (mixed) from the UK and was just wondering what the best house nights to go to and if there any special events going on as well-have a real aversion to hip hop so can you also recommend what clubs to steer well clear of as well. Devastated to miss morillo at the beginning of month as have seen him a couple of times here and Ibiza and he is amazing.