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  1. Cant wait till Saturday Already....... Victor on a good system has been a LONG TIME comin....see everyone there
  2. is this 18 night? my friend coming out and shes only 20!!!!
  3. lol. stank rappin video was hysterical.
  4. wow, thats a dope flyer. and sarah main throws down, i have some sets from pacha ibiza, great stuff
  5. that flyer is straight Don Johnson, 1985.
  6. BORIS | 3-Way @ Pacha | Sat 3/3

    im bringing 3 girls just in case
  7. orly?

    sick thread
  8. Why Victor was not at POSH.

    we believe you
  9. yeah def. gunna come out for this one, i missed nye on a count of sleeping too long lol.
  10. Cleveland B-day party @ Gypsy Tea

    gypsy is good afterhours spot, made for exactly that, afterhours.
  11. maybe if he even progresses from like 99 til 2003 thru the set, it would be dope.
  12. "We've gotta bring back that feeling...the feeling that's been gone for way too long..." exactly. cant wait.
  13. dj exacta friday night til 4am

    good luck with the party exacta is been great lately.