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    passions; music (esp.hard techno&drumnbass,jazz,dub,reggae,electro,argentinian tango,etc..),dancing, kendo, movies, biking, the moon, wine, Japan,dogs,arts,designs..
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  1. Thanks for the Sneak night from me too! We (me&my friend) had a grrreat week in NYC, and we´re definetly coming bakc some day. I managed to drag her down to SOL on friday (she dislikes electronic music), and since it was my only chance to go to a club this time, I was quite happy that the music was ssoo nice and groovy. So thanks all, especially Az-Tec for the tip in the first place and Silverbull as well, it was nice meeting you Next time I´ll be wearing my dancing shoes and hopefully have someone with me who likes to dance as much as I do.. this time I was concentrating more on listening and looking, getting some memories. I just wished there was more people!..and that my photos would´ve been ok, but they weren´t :/ Well I gotta come back to nyc, and check the after hours places too.. this time we were in a hurry to pack our bags and go to the airport Over and out, Chipi from Helsinki
  2. 2 Finns @NYC Feb 6th - Feb 11th

    ..and thanks for the other tips too ^^ Mistress Barbara rocks, but I´ve seen her before. I´ll try to catch some dj´s I haven´t heard on gig yet first, but who knows... (heh, my poor friend, it looks like I´m taking the lead and subjecting her to the dangers of the clubworld all week long... I guess she´s going to revenge by forcing me to go to some heavymetal rockfestas the rest of the year ... \,,/x_x ..)
  3. 2 Finns @NYC Feb 6th - Feb 11th

    Wwaahh Dj Sneak!! Ok I definetly try to go and check that one. We´re leaving on the next morning but hey, I can sleep on the plane, right Does anyone know how much is it (cover charge, tickets,...?)?
  4. Us girls from Hell-sink-i decided to have our birthday celebration in NYC, so now I´m just trying to hunt down the best party tips! So, recommendations please; I am nuts for techno, drumnbass, electro, and house especially (and I prefer Japanese&German djs, so let me know if Ken Ishii,Dr.Shingo&Co are in town!), and I think my friend would like some alternative tips also.. she´s more of a rocker girl And how about afterhours parties?, especially those! We never get tired before 9am.. We are most likely going to go to at least to Cielo to check Francois K´s club.. the other nights are still free (: Thanks, I hope we´ll enjoy our stay (^^)
  5. So please hit all the best tips of techno, drum´n´bass, electro, house, funk, jazz, lounge & reggae events (and some rock, alternative stuff, even latin etc. for my friend) in New York for the time between Feb 6th and Feb 12th! (Cielo and Francois K´s monday nights I know, that´s our first stop ) Two finnish girls in town, and at least I upreciate some good quality electronic music events. (I love stylish clubs but also dark&dirty underground events..i strongly dislike cheesy/trancey/touristey/etc things). Thanks, C U in New York! -Chipi [email protected]