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  1. Official Winter Music Conference info thread

    I got my time off approved from 17th - 27th. Im excited like a mu Anybody have any info on the Delores Guesthouse on 14th & Collins? I did a search on hotel-rates.com and found them to be cheap for WMC dates (from $67.5 - $109). I wonder why?
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    listening to digitally imported and enjoying!
  3. Bob Sinclar - San Diego September 17th

    Effen great to finally get a chance to hear him spin live....ill be there fo'sure
  4. Made Events WMC 06 Lineup

    is RIGHT!I definitely will not miss this!
  5. Good Afterhours?

    Im a bit retired from clubbing in LA but i can tell you that the key is to meeting the right people. You can find parties that go as late as 6am, 10am, 12pm. I usually left San Diego, which is a 1.5 hour drive, about 11 or 12 cause i knew it would go late. I must warn you though that some of the places these parties take place are a bit sketchy and sometimes you might have to drive to the valley or some sketchy neiborhood downtown LA.
  6. Some may agree and some may not...Its all good though. Im sure ill be at the Subliminal party whether its at the Crobar, Space, or the sketchiest club im Miami (exaggeration).
  7. A couple years ago, the night i arrived for WMC, i got FUBAR and didnt recover all week. Im not sure what it was that made me so sick that i couldnt drink at all during the rest of the week without feeling notious. I didnt enjoy any meals because food made me feel sick as well. How do you control your alcohol intake? For me its like gambling, i dont quit until im out of money. Im on a budget this year - wish me luck.
  8. I read somewhere that Space Ibiza will be featuring live music this coming year. One of the formats being considered is rock. In Los Angeles, Giant's New Years party had a live show featuring some rock band (not a rock fan so i dont care to remember). Its happening everywhere.
  9. What days is everyone going down?

    I missed out last year entirely for depending on people. Every year ive gone before that, it has been with different people. There was always some kind of drama going on...so i never go with the same people. I said FUCK IT this year! Im on my own.
  10. Do you think if i stayed out as far as 34th street, it would be hard to get around on my feet? I have always stayed between 10th and 18th, never this far. I was able to walk everywhere. The only time i took a cab was to go to Space.
  11. What days is everyone going down?

    Just finished making reservations...gonna be there from the 18th to the 30th. This is the gonna be the longest conference ive been to so far.
  12. Everytime i have gone to the subliminal sessions party, it was at Crobar. The parties have all been memorable. Im not sure if ill feel the same if its moved to Space. Crobar added a little something something to it, i think.