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  1. Bartending Schools??

    Any bartending school that says they will place you in a club is lying. There is no way you are getting in a club with no experience. My advise is to go to school, get a job anywhere, then go to the city. This way you can say "I currently work at Joe's Tavern but its not busy enough for me". That will make you much more marketable. P.S. You can NOT get behind a Friday's or Applebees bar without waiting tables yuckkkkkkk.
  2. Bartending Schools??

    $700 is a lot for pouring colored water.
  3. Bartending Schools??

    lol cute - I could see it now - "Do you have any experience?" - "No but I bought bartending for Dummies"
  4. Bartending Schools??

    which ever school you choose make sure you shop around first. Dont settle over the phone, actually go in and see the place, also try to get a look at their books, then decide. Good Luck
  5. Say Something Above the Person Above You

    /\ wishes she was a jersey girl I got bombed
  6. Bartending Schools??

    I talked to authentic before mix em and they wouldnt give me a price over the phone. I went there and they tried to sell me, then I went to mix em and loved the atmosphere and instructors. I am glad I didnt go to authentic cause they seemed shadey and fake
  7. Say Something Above the Person Above You

    /\ l Failed his driving test 5 times
  8. Bartending Schools??

    I got two jobs- one is a straight up bar the other is a bar rest.
  9. Say Something Above the Person Above You

    /\ l Is a hippie Freak
  10. Bartending Schools??

    Well like I said they got me a job quick. My freind went to another one and still can't land a job, and shes cute. I shopped around and they were the most affordable and honest with me.
  11. Hot chick Club

    I was tryin to ask where to meet hot chicks rather than watch hot chicks sorry for the confusion
  12. Hot chick Club

    Where can someone new to north jersey go to meet hot chicks?
  13. bartending schools???

    Mixem bartending in jersey is pretty good - got me a job right away
  14. Bartending Schools??

    FYI - I went to bartending school and they got me a job right away - I now work at Rhodes tavern Dolcie Novita in Moonachie - Come check me out - The school I went to is called mixem G - L