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  1. Ok...I need some advise

    Let me first sayI am NOT a troll...secondly we are going out this weekend in those outfits so I can take pics then. As for any up the skirts shots how do i know any of you aren't troll or even someone I would want to show that too. i can tell you Phil will get a good pic though......
  2. Good Morning Everyone...

    I have a small but stupid crush on the rapper Pitbull...I know it's silly but I can't help it
  3. Ok...I need some advise

    ok it is under either my name on here or PitsPrincess I think it is this one though..work blocks us from going there so I can't check for sure.
  4. Ok...I need some advise

    Right now I at work so I can't post a pic but I have one on myspace if you want to see me.....But I am real...not Asian sorry I am Cracker white
  5. Good Morning Everyone...

    When do I get to meet my new family:clap2:
  6. Good Morning Everyone...

    It is rainy and cold....this really sucks
  7. Good Morning Everyone...

    Wonder were Phil is?
  8. Good Morning Everyone...

    Good Morning everyone...so how is everyone today?
  9. Ok...I need some advise

    I'll talk to my girls and see....
  10. Ok...I need some advise

    We kinka knew that five girls dressed like that would draw so attention...I'll post the pics I promise
  11. Ok...I need some advise

    We all work together and there is like five of us. The good thing is we all going in different colors...mine is pink. All these guys keep asking to go and be our naughty principals...
  12. Ok...I need some advise

    yeah I have never dressed up before but we thought it would be somthing different
  13. Ok...I need some advise

    Everyone at my work think we are crazy to dress up...
  14. Hey everyone.....

    So that nice that you guys have so much to say about my tits but how do you know they are big (which they are) but that not the point.J/k. I like that everyone is being nice...I am nice.....I appreciate it
  15. Ok...I need some advise

    So here's the deal me and I friends are going out next weekend and we decided to go with a theme of School Girls but we need a great club that has lots of hot latin men ( ok I know but I have a problem they are my weakness).