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  1. Keys to the Mansion

    AMEN!!! RIP Crobar
  2. Track Id Please!!!

    I'm looking for the name of the track in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZnRIrhrslE ... i've been trying for a while and i got nothing so any help is greatly appreciated ...
  3. any Oakey reviews?

    I thought Oakie was sick. . . the mixing was not to complex but it's all about the tracks. . . he's one of the few dj's still keeping it real spinnin hard trance (tracks like nighmare,needs to feel,future music,bulldozer,rush hour and many others were all awesome)... the only complaints I had was the lack of room on the dance floor (which wasn't quite as bad as armin two weeks before) and the length of oakenfold's set. I felt him stopping at 3 was way too early (even though I ended up making the 3:16 train cause of it) I would have rather danced my ass off for a few more hours. but anyways I just wish hard trance was more popular now ... seems like everyone would rather listen to various types of house than the trance that the largest clubbing era in history was built upon in the late 90's... Trance is just so muck more energetic and evokes so much more emotion than house... it is the difference from a night out on the town and an escape into a world of lights and sound (and it's got nothing to do with drugs as I only drink). like they say it is what it is ...now I just can't wait for sean tyas and simon patterson at shelter on the 8th!
  4. AVB at Pacha 11/9 reviews

    every body complains on here how no one dances at trance parties and that they just stand there with their arms up doing the "dj-worship thing". but from the very time I got there at about 11:30 till the time I left at 4:00 I couldn't even move anywhere on the main floor let alone dance. just getting from one side of the club to the other took what seemed like an eternity. I like a good crowd to help the energy levels in the place but that was overkill. and it's such a shame cause the music was awesome (paul van dyk - New York City my definite favorite of the night). but anyways maybee no one dances cause there's just no room...
  5. I have to agree that 18+ nights are a really good thing for the clubs of nyc. Sure i'm on the young side of the arguement but even if I wasn't i'm sure i'd feel the same. All around me all people seem to listen to is hip-hop and reggaeton meanwhile i'm the one lonesome guy who listens to edm. When I spin at some of the local LI bars and clubs I almost always get bombarded with people demanding hip-hop/reggae and the times i dont is usually when no ones there. . . if i could ony explain how pissed it makes me when people don't want to dance to dance music and instead of listening to a girl singing they'd rather hear about sum guy "ridin durty"? or talking about other stuff that doesn't even make any sence. Sure the scene isn't what it used to be but i'm 20 and can't stand the fact i'll never get to go to all the clubs alot of you guys enjoyed so much.. the stories i hear from people, the pictures, the hard evil trance. it all seems soo awesome. and the only part of that that can never die or be closed down is the music(at least i have that). but what i'm trying to say is that some of the music coming out right now is amazing stuff ... It's hard for me to believe that alotta people aren't feeling this stuff but how can they like it if they don't know it exists... the only place it's played is in a select few clubs and late at night on a saturday night on KTU. so basically if your over 21 and want to keep edm in existence then welcome the younger people and try to get more people into ... and the thing about the kids going because it's cool or trendy...thats even better cause then the dance music they're hearing becomes held in the same regard and it can only help things.
  6. JP needs a better Manager....

    it's funny how on his older live set mixes (98-01) I have his mixing is basic but clean and sounds pretty good however on the newer mixes I have of his (03-04)- every mix is just this horrible echoing mush between songs ... wut is that shyt . .and he uses it during the songs also along with numerous other FX . . . . i think he needs to just let the songs speak for themselves and not overuse FX every 2 seconds . . .it really hurts the songs in my opinion ...jst my 2 cents
  7. Jonathan Peters Needs To Fire His Manager(s)

    does anyone know if these hip-hop in the main room parties are actually pulling in big crowds?... I have no desire to check one out myself...
  8. Jonathan Peters Needs To Fire His Manager(s)

    dammit that smiley was spose to be a pissed off face ... oh welll
  9. Jonathan Peters Needs To Fire His Manager(s)

    every club in the city is converting to rap and reggaeton... the dance music scene is going down the tubes... and all people can do is bash jp.... i just don't see the point... rag on funkmaster flex or sumthin...
  10. wuts the deal with trance?

    well said. . . If it wasn't for dj's showing some originality how would the scene ever evolve and change. I wish some dj's would show some more individuality as well as not be so affraid to play some classics now and then. I know too many dj's that play matterial just cause it's new or a certain dj plays it yet the song is horrible. If only I wasn't a slave to the "promoters atmosphere" I would definitely mix it up with more of the harder classics. who knows i'm sure i'll do a party allowing me some more freedom someday.
  11. wuts the deal with trance?

    but isnt the consensus that JP is half the DJ now than when he was spinning trance. so let me get this straight .. he was good when he spun music that no one likes. . . and when he spins stuff people like now he sucks? or is peoples evalutaion of him strictly on the basis of his technical mixing skills.
  12. wuts the deal with trance?

    I hear what your saying about tribal.. some of it's pretty hot particularly peter bailey & d-formations being my favorites . It seems to me that New Yorkers like my self prefer a darker souind and right now tribal is the one genre that has that gritty sound. trance is pretty light and melodic sounding these days however back in the day it was way darker and harder than anything today. like i say when i listen to tribal for a lil while i get pretty into it but then i'll go back and put on some old school trance and it just blows everything else away. I think if trance was a little edgier/darker like tribal is now it would be much more popular in NYC at the present time.
  13. Exit Classics 2000-2002

    yea it's a sick song .. It's called "dirty bitch" I have it on a mix cd but i dunno who did it... anyone?
  14. wuts the deal with trance?

    for me personally when i try to get my buddies into edm from hip-hop the older evil sounding trance seems to be what gets them hooked . I end up having to make them copies of old soundfactory mix cd's from when we were like 15. I wonder if that same style of trance was still big if edm as a whole would be putting up a better fight against hip-hop/reaggae/ etc? as with the people i know it would definitely help...