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  1. Best Club in AC? Need some opinions!

    That's awesome info, thank you! I'll pass it along. Do you guys know the kind of music on Saturday nights for both Mixx and mur.mur?
  2. Best Club in AC? Need some opinions!

    Thank you Misk...the first decent answer! Seems like getting advice from Jersey clubgoers is like pulling teeth. I have a great group of girls going, so I've no doubt we'll have fun, but never having gone out in AC, I wanted to get info from people who have. Any other thoughts/ opinions welcome.
  3. Best Club in AC? Need some opinions!

    Is Mixx in Borgata any good?
  4. Hey Kids, Sooo, I'm getting hitched in June and my girls have been planning the bachelorette. We're NYC girls and I wanted to get out of town (and gamble) so we're headed to AC on May 19-20. We've got rooms at the Borgata and originally planned on doing bottles at Mixx, but it seems like they're WAY overpriced for Jerz ($300 per bottle, is that true?) and I haven't really been able to find any solid reviews from people who weren't from Idaho or Wisconsin or something. I should also add that I'm marrying an NYC trance/ house Dj, and I love disco house, but my girls will probably want some hip hop thrown in. Advice/ ideas? We def want to stay nearby with no cabs/ driving needed. Thanks bunches!
  5. Trance Party 9/22? Help!

    Tiesto would have been perfect, but alas, we're NYC people and the only wheels we have are on our rollerblades. At this rate we may just party in our apartment! Hahaha
  6. Trance Party 9/22? Help!

    Where in NJ is Abyss? We're minus a car so mass transit is the way to go! Thanks.
  7. Anyone? Anywhere? I have an out of town crowd coming in on Friday Sept. 22nd, and if we can't have Trance, then we'll take some really hard house. These guys are hard core and I'll never hear the end of it unless we come up with a good party (preferably with hot single chicks!). Suggestions? Thanks CP!
  8. Any other takers? Seriously guys, I'm a newbie to the Clubplanet/ Electronic Music scene (former rockaholic chick) and it would be nice to meet some new people. Ya know?
  9. PACHA bookings heating up . . .

    What the guy above me said. Amen!
  10. I was at the last Tailspin 2 weeks ago - HOT! Dico brings it, and Tommy T was really decent. I will definitely be there!!! Come on guys, I know there are a lot of you in NYC looking for decent house music but don't want to pay the charges Crobar/ Spirit/ Pacha make you pay (I can't afford it honestly), and I'd love to meet some like-minded people.