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  1. Rauhofer @ Stereo

    Also, the Avalon party would HARDLY be considered a circuit party. -Mike
  2. cops closed crobar.....

    Of course, no one deserves what happened to that girl. With that said, the club should not be held accountable about what happens to an 18-year old girl once she leaves the club and walks a few blocks and gets in a car with someone. It's just so silly that the clubs are being targeted because of a murder (that no one associated with the clubs committed). -Mike
  3. favorite nyc area parties of 2006

    Junior @ Spirit - Gay Pride 2006 Victor Calderone @ Crobar - New Years 2006 Junior @ Pacha - Junior's Birthday August 26/27, 2006
  4. nye @ crobar

    Sundays at Crobar aren't "gay" nights. 6 or 7 times throughout the year the Alegria party takes place at Crobar, which is gay, but that is not every week or every month for that matter. I'm sure it will be like any other Calderone party -- very mixed. -Mike
  5. Crobar denied NYE 24-liquor license

    I don't see anything mentioning Crobar specifically.
  6. Wasn't able to go because I had a big day at work on Monday, but I heard it was a really, really fun time from people who went. And I heard the shows were over-the-top madness. Can't wait for Junior @ Stereo on Thanksgiving Eve and at Hammerstein Dec. 30. -Mike
  7. Mets & Cards Game 7...

    Let's Go Mets!!
  8. Great post. It is apparent that Angel Moraes wants to bring something wonderful and positive to the NYC scene. I for one can't wait to see him bring it. -Mike
  9. Dj/producer PAULO

    Paulo is a fierce producer/remixer. Many of his tracks can be found on beatport. Definitely check him out if you're not familiar. -Mike
  10. crobar NY October Line-Up!

    Tom Stephan & Victor Calderone looks like it will be a killer party. Definitely excited about that one!! -Mike
  11. Chus and Ceballos/Calderone Review

    I didn't get to go to the party, but a friend was there and left alittle after 12:30 and the party was still going strong.
  12. HEX HECTOR @ PACHA | Friday 9/8

    His latest remix is available for digital download at PERFECT BEAT: Your One Stop Source for Dance Music . It is for Ten Monkeys feat. Abigail "Lay Down". -Mike
  13. Junior this Saturday

    Junior has been featuring Cevin Fisher's Illuzion "Don't Make Me Wait"...usually the Dub. -Mike
  14. How annoying is that f'n Sidekick ad?

    Like that damn M&M ad that Myspace had going a few months back. All of sudden, I have talking M&M's being layered over the music being played on my computer. Very irritating. -Mike