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  1. Original Tracks/DJ Mixes

    Universal Beat Company has some New original productions and Mixes Please let us know what you think!!!!!!! Here are the different links, Enjoy: Universal Beat Company - Heaven - Main Room Peak Hour Track http://www.universalbeatcompany.com/UBCHeavenSample.mp3 DECKSTER - Physical - Bangin' Peak Hour Track http://www.universalbeatcompany.com/DecksterPhysicalSample.mp3 Mixes: TIM-E - UBC Mixer Vol 1 - 4-6am Early Morning House Set http://www.universalbeatcompany.com/UBCMixerV1.mp3 DECKSTER - Universal System - Main Room Peak Hour House http://universalbeatcompany.com/DecksterUniversalSystem.mp3