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  1. Psy trance and Goa

    John 00 Flemming is playing thursday at Metropolis im sure he will be playing alot of good psy, 4 hour set!! http://www.wantickets.com/Function/event/eventdetail.asp?e_id=16917 with Blank & Jones and SANDER VAN DORN!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!
  2. Whos goin? very very nice lineup!! http://www.clubspace.com/popflyers/mmc06.jpg What sux is my crews flight doesn't arrive till 10:10 wed night... that is if its on time. After geting out of the airport checking into hotel on south beach and making it to downtown its gonna be getting pretty late. Hoping I can make this party! Isn't space open till like 6 or so?
  3. Psy trance and Goa

    Infected Mushroom is playing a few parties. Im sure theres gotta be more but havent heard much.
  4. raves

    Gonna be a busy week! soo many parties to choose from. Props to Dead PA !
  5. Radio1 at Nikki Beach???

    any lineup info for wetgrooves yet?
  6. Hernan is playing at Ultra!!
  7. Miami Tips???

    Thanks for the tips!! Also my first WMC... can't wait!