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  1. Club Avalon

    There's no Discotheque any longer, it's been changed to Spy.
  2. Club Avalon

    Says who?
  3. Club Avalon

    We're hoping to change that stereotype. Clubbing should be just as fun as lounging. Also, we're not planning to only have Russians at our parties, everyone who's interested is absolutely welcomed.
  4. Club Avalon

    You're suggesting a different place? For instance?
  5. Club Avalon

    It'll be a blast
  6. Club Avalon

    Slicer, Who said that these parties are going to be on Saturdays? I never stated that in the original posting. Also, why is it that Russian DJs should be playing in Brooklyn only? There's so much room for every type of a DJ anywhere in NYC. As I stated in one of my posts, keep in mind that the clubbing scene in Russia is completely different from the usual "russian" scene in NYC.
  7. Club Avalon

    Ivan, thanks for the feedback. The only thing I might not agree on is that in my opinion Russians ARE into clubbing. It's a misconception that most of the Russians go out only in Brooklyn. I know many that hang out every weekend in the city. Also, just out of curiosity, are you Russian yourself?
  8. Club Avalon

    Edge, thanks for your wishes. We need it Can you send me your contact info just in case? Thanks again.
  9. Club Avalon

    Max, great feedback. Thank you. It was extremely helpful. Btw, both of the DJs I have mentioned in my original post are from Piter Just to let you know...
  10. Club Avalon

    Yet again, many russians that reside in Brooklyn travel to the city to go out.
  11. Club Avalon

    In other words you don't care what type of an event it is as long as the music is good.
  12. Club Avalon

    Could you please explain in more detail why you think that a good [Russian themed] party would not work out in Avalon?
  13. Club Avalon

    May I ask why?
  14. Club Avalon

    Any type of feedback is extremely helpful. Thank you for speaking out your mind. I just hope that others will follow your lead.
  15. Club Avalon

    DJs from Russia completely differ from what you have seen or use to seeing in New York [among the russian club scene]. The sound, style and the music itself is a completely different. Please keep that in mind.