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  1. Which club to go!?

    Hey y'all, I'm from Germany and will be visiting LA soon. I am gonna stay for two weeks and wanna go clubbing as well. So, I searched the net and found this great site. My problem is to figure out a club to go - there are just too many. I heard of West Hollywood and Santa Monica having good clubs - is that true? I'd prefer that area as well, because I am staying there. I love house music esp. filter, electro, tribal and mainstream house (to give you an hint: I love everything by Armand van Helden (like MyMyMy), Mylo's Drop the pressure is awesome, I like Junior Jack a lot, love The Egg's Walking Away, I adore Martin Solveig's Everybody or Jealousy and just love The Disco Boys' For you.....just to name a few songs and artists) Well, I hope you guys can give some recomendations on where to go!? I am so hoping...... The club should be affordable, can be rather gay-friendly, but does not have to be - I just like open-minded people and you happen to find those people a lot in gay-friendly areas/clubs/whatsoever, anyways. I don't care about the size of the club. I don't care about the dress code either. Just tell me about the best clubs where they play good house music. I just wonder whether partying/clubbing in LA is different from here in Europe. So these questions might sound stupid: So you need to be 21, right!? I am 23, so this should not be the problem. When do you usually start clubbing I mean at what time - is it 11 pm or rather 2 am? (on weekeds of course)!? Does every club has a guest list or are there clubs where you can go just like that pay entrance and have a great time!? I am so thankful for any help on that! Please can anyone help me.....! Thank you all so much in advance!!!!