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  1. sup witchew up nawf simps

    dem goddddddz be creeepin son all up in ya area nigaz wearin dem soff toe pumas sippa stayin dipped in dem steel toed jawnts blowin big killa out tha tinted stay buckin wit dat .45 i dun ran da souf sippa finna slap dat michelob ultra out yo mouf fuck up ya stripey shirt an snatch tha dam figaro chain ya grammy gave ya rite off ya candy necklace wearin ass dem 15's poundin like a fresh trey duece u hear me comin from canal an green i dun swooped off an took yo gate crakkk all ching a lingin u know how sippa stayin
  2. sup witchew up nawf simps

    sup boo u finsta be down wit dat sippa team i got a spot foe ya in da stable we sellin dreams like ice cream nahmean i got dat werk in tha hood u got gat twerk makin it look good baby girl i got tribecca sewn up runnin game from nyc 2 TX on tha highway makin money tha fly way
  3. its ya boy sippa from da derrty tx i been in den skreetz 2 long mah niggz i jus took dat flite an touched down in yo city sippa finna b on sum operation takover steez pumpin crakkks all up in ya club stashin dem bangaz in my iceberg jeans nahmean u can c me flossin in tha vip tippin purp an poppin dem codones stayin 3 steps ahead of yawl funny style types dat foe pound finna bang out like tha 15's in tha back of tha platinum durango i be pushin i got dat codone i got dat killah hollay i got dat sticky tree getatchaboy we finna party