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  1. Vudu Lounge

    does any1 have any reviews on iT? is it nice? what kind of ppl? music? etc.. thanx!!
  2. Branch? Bed?

    im looking to take my bro out tomorrow night for his bday.. plans got screwed up so im late with making a reservation.. does any1 here suggest a good lounge to go to tomorrow night? are any of those 2 places good?
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    gianna nannini
  4. best present you ever got?

    my charm bracelet. my b/f gave it to me for my bday.. it wuz his grandmothers.. sumn special i think
  5. certified?

    i am not saying ure r totally wrong..but i have been accepted to some of the best gym with that vertification when i fisrt started and then with aaai ive worked for crunch.. nyhrc dolphin clay dolphin etc.. got pais just like every1 else..
  6. Fuck The Snow...

    lol! i wanna go to the movies..
  7. post your picture

    thatz a sweet pic!
  8. post your picture

    fat?? wtf?? y b so nasty?
  9. Where do y'all workout?

    ne1 from brooklyn?
  10. post your picture

    thatz my HUN-E btw. i am always on t his forum as bellina1124 just forgot my pword lol
  11. post your picture

    BrooKlYn.. tu?
  12. post your picture

    Sono abruzzese..
  13. post your picture

  14. Wat do u do?

    im in school.. almost done thank god!!! studying to be a graphics designer.. and i am a fitness director/instructor..
  15. Dieting..

    you can eat alot more and alot tastier and still lose weight!