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  1. ATTN: Jose

    that girls breath smelled like raw aligator meat dipped in cow dung. (this was my main reason for letting you work it). you must have a really smelly johnson now.
  2. WMC Feedback...

    howells played inside a semi truck. his 10 hours set is still rocking in my head and it's thursday. i danced for 9 hours on no drugs. at the pawn shop, in the bus smoking some dro at the pawn shop, i'll be loosing my phone at the pawn shop, pawn shop.
  3. Glad to see you all back..lol

    she had really bad breath and danced like a monkey on meth. we gladly turned her over to jose
  4. Id.. Please

    bwhaha, holy shit dude you cracked my ass up the whole trip. i will never go to another conference without radar.
  5. WMC Gurn Champion

    jesus vyto, why did you almost die again?
  6. ATTN: Jose

    did you survive? go to space monday night? talk to anymore trustfund babies with bad breath?
  7. WMC Feedback...

    twas an amazing time. good seeing you radar. jose was the one that ran into the sign and fell over, maybe it was me too. i'm still looking for my brain cells if anyone's seen them. oh and still trying to find reality, south beach is too much of a fantasy land for me to handle.
  8. It Is What It Is

    oh snapness!
  9. ATTN:Residentjosalien

    i got your message today, you made a ten digit phone number sound like 4 digits. nice. we're staying at the riviere. 1424 collins.
  10. Next Friday, Slouch House @360

    hmmmm i will need a proven, stamped, and signed detailed police report. video tape. fingerprints. mugshot. and 3 witnesses who are not a part of team slouch. then we'll talk.
  11. Next Friday, Slouch House @360

    attn: jose in my absence, i would like to make a request. please chuck golf ball size icebergs at vytukaka during his set. in addition, i would also like you to yell "you're no danny howells". if he has a black eye when i see him at the conference, i will congradulate you accordingly. bonus points will be awarded for side thigh deadlegs. happy friday.
  12. Reekend Weview

    ok here goes. you are all so kind btw. friday night was great. enough about that. enter saturday, the day was perfectly fine until we hit underbar. perhaps the worst door crew i've ever seen. in my top two of worst nights i've ever had. i go downstairs with discok and mahrune. apparantly i was on the list as buktardid but nobody decides to let me in on this IMPORTANT peace of information. my hand gets marked. i tell them my real name, which is aaron beckett, sorry sir you are not on the list. that will be 20 bucks. i had maybe 10 on me. at this point everyone is inside except for me. so i think ok, no big deal i'll just hit up an atm and come back. 4 or so blocks of walking, asking people where the atm is, and finally i find a bum laden atm glass cubicle sort of area. a plethera of bums trying to sell me crack and oxycottins while getting money out was only the start to my extravagant adventure (no i didn't buy any, for those wondering). obtw, my phone died as soon as i got outside of underbar and tryed to call people. YES, more walking in the cold, but at least now i have money so now i just need to get back to underbar and i'll be all set right? wrong. after being escorted back by one of the bums and slipping them a 2 dollar tip, i'm back. i get to the front of the line, "you can't get back in here sir". why not i was just in there. "you are done here for the night, please move along". i threw every sales pitch i had in my arsenal at them but it was not enough for an out of towner like me. i then proceed down the road to a nearby bar. at this point there is nothing i could do so i decided to sit at the bar, drink, and chat with the bartender. besides the bums, probably the only nice people i talked to the entire evening. 2am hits. ok so i'll go wait for everyone outside underbar and i'll be all set. nope. the place empties and here i am one hour later, with nobody around, still being hassled by the door guys telling me to get away. at this point i'm getting pretty mouthy with them, i was very close to getting arrested. i then spend another 1 or 2 hours trying to flag down a cab. other people were as well, i asked some girl how far i was from the airport, because vyto lives close to it, and she says "get away, i don't know you." ok i've had it this night is awful. finally get a cab. 37 more dollars later i arrive at vyto's after making the cab stop at another atm, thank god i atleast found my way there right? all doors and windows locked. more standing in the cold fabulous. after banging on the two upstairs doors trying to wake someone up for at least 30 minutes and getting no answer, i realize that i have one option and one option only, then my night from hell can finally be over. i broke his window and climbed on through. a mixed feeling of "vyto isn't going to like that one bit" and relief is now present. at least i had a bed with peace and quite at that point. horrible night. might not be back out for a while after that. btw, vyto talks a lot of shit but ask him how his leg is doing. i'm sure he's failed to mention the dead leg i've given him. how's your bruise dude. this has been an episode of buklost in boston. thanks, and godspeed.