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  1. ok... so you get banned from the JP message board for promoting parties, but you dont do it anymore, right? whats this then http://www.jonathanpeters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42584 hmmm, strange, if a JP fan asks where the party has been moved to, they get banned, but you can promote parties to grab the JP crowd and get them to go somewhere else outside the club, and also on his message board... hmmm, something doesnt fit in... oh yeah, thats right, the people who cant get into the clubs and have to wait outside! but seriously, when you have people like this running the club scene today, no wonder as debra cox would say "things just aint the same"
  2. yeah, you are working with rouge members of the JP team... explain this one to me, how come anyone can get banned from the JP website for asking a simple question such as, "is the party now at copa" but you... you can post links to your new party, Dj's, and such, without getting banned? or steal the crowd from the JP crowd and then come back and show your respect? TRUST ME, its a good scam you got going! dont get mad because I am pulling your card, pulling up your skirt
  3. TRUST ME, when you can do all that, and still get in to his parties because the JP 'team' is so fucked up on drugs/stupid/to young/ect,ect.... I guess its a good, business move! people couldnt get in because the JP team ripped them off! Why cant you ever get into a club? If you have money and good ID, you should be able to get in!!! but lets see... him, this is the "shocking revelation" lets say one promotion team gets to gether with "rouge" memebers for JP team.... the JP team over sells the event, saying JP team will be "working the doors" but its really copa, then you know the JP is going ot get money, because not everyone who pre paid is going to get in. so the "rouge" JP team memebers allow the other promotion team to go to the event, steal the people who cant get in to go to another club, and then allow the same people who stole the crowd to come back, to make it seem like they are showing respect!!! TRUST ME, TRUST ME, its genius... buahahahahahaha, good scam you guys pulled off, no seriously, good one.
  4. but when you can steal another DJ's crowd, ruin his reputation because now only children go to see him, make money off of the while thing, and still be able to go to his event, TRUST ME, thats some shit! buhahahahahahaha and JP team lets it happen, on his own message board!!! How stupid are they!!! he needs to fire his managers! TRUST ME!
  5. are you also disgusted that people were outside of copa telling people to go see DJ boris instead?
  6. BORIS! yep, its true. I saw people holding up signs at the copa telling people to go see DJ BORIS instead of Jp.. now aint that some shit. What are scum bag way to do it, but hey, when you deal with scumbag promoters, what can you expect? I have never seen people out side of sound factory telling people to go to twilo. or people outside of any club telling people to go see another DJ... but of course, JP managers are to stupid to see this. the whole JP team is on drugs and cant realize, another promotion team as stolen your crowd... TRUST um, TRUST ME when I tell you this
  7. well how did JP go from being able to do 4000 people a week at the sound factory, to having to play for 15 year olds? He should have a sign "will DJ for food" because each party shows his days are over. each party shows, his managers are running him to the ground. He Dj's like once a month now, AND PLAYS THE SAME OLD MUSIC. he cant even get gigs in his own town like at crobar anymore! Or roxy! Or Exit. instead, his managers force him to play at clubs that arent really clubs, more like banquet halls, but of course, only Mr. Mouth can see this. you still have people sticking up for him and this that and the third. he sucks, his team sucks, and its over. Word on the street is, he sold all his studio equipment because he's going broke, due to his drug problem.
  8. well, looks like JP did it again. ripped people off. Tonight was the death of jonathan peters. Yep, he is OVA. stick a fork in him, he is done. I thought JP people were suppose to work the door? of course, they said "door by paris" but no, it was copa bouncers.
  9. well what if you bought it off a promoter? paid cash?
  10. why do you think you can? Your dealing with THE SCUM OF THE CLUB WORLD, who ripped people off for tickets, said a party was going to be here, and now change it to a club with a shit sound system. and when you ask for a refund, they dont answer, but when MR MOUTH speaks, they have tons to say... ask jenbabe, she's the 19 year old promoter handling JP ripp off events....
  11. white people do not go to the copa website... your retarted. I guess I am the only white person who went to the website to check the website to see what the club looks like... oh and jenbabe, your not even old enough to legally drink, let alone be a serious promoter, so just go be a bitch somewhere else little girl. but its a perfect example of how stupid JP is for having children, worn out clubbers with sound factory tattoo on their body's and drag queens handling his business for him. Mr Mouth was just pointing out, how the hell could copa update their website in 1 day and not say that an event is going on as planned? Maybe because its not going on? where can i get a refund for my exit VIP tickets? I payed for exit VIP tickets and I want it at exit. If not give us all our money back you scum bags
  12. Mr Mouth is just going by what copa is telling the world....
  13. oh I see.... then why is KTu still promoting the party at exit? why did copa , cancel their holiday party in one days notice for JP, update their website in 1 day to say their holiday party is cancelled, but not say what event is going on?
  14. and people are suppose to listen to anonymous people on the internet over the club that is "suppose" to be holding this event...yeah,,,ok there buddy...
  15. if thats the case, and they updated it that quick, they would say what event is going on.... think about it. How will they cancell a holiday party in one day, update their website, give JP his party, but not mention it....