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  1. jp doesnt have a choice but to stay here, he has a handful of fans outside the tri-state area, just imagine outside the US, with his trainwrecks, he would get booed off the stage, but his fans love him and i am sure they each voted 200 times apiece
  2. Soundfactory???

    as one who was at both the old and the newer SF, (27th and 46th respectively), the newer SF was no comparison in anyway, the 27th st SF is in a league of its own. The old SF was great from 97-99 maybe 00, during and after 2000 the place turned into a gross mess, musically and the people in there. In the first few years of 46th u needed to be dressed up or you weren't even getting in. after 00 anyone wearing anything could get in, and totally killed the only thing the place had going. the vibe. JP pre 2000 was good(never great) but the vibe and the crowd made up for it. most fans of his now are completeley brainwashed, it is to the point of comedy. at the best SF 46th st. was a second or third league club at best, falling way short of twilo, arena, and limelight. i really cant say much about the original SF, being it was the 1st club i walked into i was like 19, and went only 2-3 times in 95 maybe before closing. i just remember being in awe, and thinking this is the greatest place on earth..
  3. the guy is simply amazing... i seen him in montreal a few years back, i definitley became a big fan
  4. What's the word Miami party people on TWILO(MIAMI)?

    i have no idea how all these new clubs are going to survive to tell u the truth..... i hope they do... but it seems that there will be to many options and none of the 3 actually 4 now... space. twilo, sf miami, and crobar 24, how will they all pack out... unless they are hoping for south beach circa 99... maybe
  5. How about them Heat?

    i agree with you but since the 4th quarter of game 5 they look, pretty much unbeatable..... but we shall see, wade is the man, without a doubt, but shaq is still the most important key to the heat succeding....
  6. How about them Heat?

    i will be there monday night, heat all the way, i hope... if shaq plays like he did in game 6, we got a shot.....
  7. i need a little help

    i could have swore that DT was in sobe on the 7th, but i cant find it anywhere, am i crazy or is he going to be here? if not what else is going on this weekend?
  8. jackal and hyde last night @voodoo amazing

    i was there, some people did like it, definitley not my style...
  9. Robert De Niro Appreciation thread...

    i lost all respect for him many many years ago showtime hide and seek awful
  10. Ultra???

    bayfront park is across the street from AAA, i live here so whar are you talking about, the amphitheater kick ass
  11. Ultra???

    it is definitley not closer to AAA then bayfront or space BAYFRONT is across the street from AAA and like 3 blocks from SPACE and there is no amphitheater
  12. Ultra???

    why was ultra moved? and how far is the new spot from bayfront park?
  13. Tiesto @ WMC??

    ummmm, no he is not