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  1. Guidos Guide to WMC

  2. Are you a fan of fist pumping? Do you enjoy running in place and calling it dancing? Do people refer to you as das uber douche? If so, please read more. Here are some samples: Go shopping and buy all the t-shirts with skull designs and bleachings on them. Make sure you buy the one you think that every single person in Miami will have. Some of my recommendations are Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier. If you can’t afford those brands, just go to Macy's (or a store of that nature) and get ones that look the same there but for half the price. Practice your dance moves in the mirror with your shirt off so you can achieve peak performance on fist pumps and running/hopping/skipping in place to the beat of the music. Try to move your hips as least as possible. Just the extremities like arms and head because those are the best maneuvers in getting attention and possibly knocking an innocent bystander out and/or cause a fight. Do NOT buy dress shirts or dress shoes. You don't wanna go to those type of places where you have to dress nice....you can’t take your shirt off so why bother? Read more here http://www.clubplanet.com/Articles/2049/Guidos-Guide-to-WMC"
  3. Just wondering..

    Because Facebook is so easily accessible from the CP message boards.
  4. Just wondering..

    First of all, it's "you're" but I gather I'm too stupid so maybe thats wrong. And if you recall, I had no problem with Misk insulting me or anyone else for that matter when it came to my posts but sorry, its annoying when I start a thread and people just insult me for the hell of it. But whatever. I stopped posting. So why are people STILL writing about this? Dave said nothing will be deleted anymore. Get over it. Seriously.
  5. Just wondering..

    Wow. You guys are a bunch of losers. I haven't posted and/or deleted anything in two days. Why are you searching me on Facebook? Why are you going to my profile? Next thing I know you'll be showing up at my apartment. I won't lie - all of this attention is fucking awesome but also a bit too creepy for my taste.
  6. Roxy Closing Party...

    NP. And I can assure everyone here that if you are derogatory to other memebers, whether because of their sexuality or race, you will be deleted. Not only because its rude, but because you should be able to come up with more clever insults.
  7. Roxy Closing Party...

    You've been reported and your post has been deleted.
  8. brawl at MSG

    be careful. al sharpton might sue you for saying that.
  9. fun facts

    and jhumpa lahiri?
  10. fun facts

    I would imagine the only time your girlfriend enjoys being with you is when you are having virtual discussions or virtual sex, or whatever it is you do with her, the very lovely girl you met online. And seriously, it is so disturbing that you resort to playground taunts when you have nothing of substance to say. You are a grown man. Both in age and girth...well, the girth part I'm just assuming...you know, the whole "i met everyone i know online" thing just made me think that.
  11. fun facts

    same difference to me. and you're really devoting a lot of time to me being an admin and not being as "educated" about the boards as you are. dont worry, man. im sure ill figure it out by the time im 30. that is the avg age here, isnt it?
  12. fun facts

    There's nothing I love more than a crotch shot thats missing the crotch.
  13. fun facts

    given that you guys have an entire board devoted to the weather, i thought this would fit right in.
  14. fun facts

    Thanks. My purpose in life is to post something just so that you can say it sucks. I absolutely love the attention you give me, which is why I continue to do it.
  15. fun facts

    Is that supposed to be NYU? No, I went to Pace. Sigh.