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  1. is everything different here than europe??? wtf do you think?? are you serious?? hahahaha i cant answer this question! Just go out and find out for yourself!
  2. for the most part djs/producers spin/make music that people can dance to....i wonder if half these dj/producers out there even have the rhythm to dance....i've seen some famous dj's doing some funny off beat moves behind the booth...lol...you all know what im talking about! have you seen any djs/producers out there really dancing or are they dj/producers cuz they cant dance? lol And doesn't seem weird that a person with no rhythm is spinning or making music that youre supposed to dance to? or does it even matter?
  3. Victor caldefookingRone saturday

    Put me on the list for Victor Calzone..lol
  4. PVD Last night

    Did anyone see PVD at SF on a friday night about 5 or 6 years ago?? I never heard such a sick set and see a club be so united by a dj before...he played grimey new york house tracks too not that euro trance(that i hate) and when the lights came around 8 or 9 am on the whole club (still packed) was in shock...we were all looking at each other like wtf just happened? being a jp fan i was like this guy just ripped SF a new asshole and i said to myself that's "fucked up" when another dj comes and kills it in your house! was anyone there that night?
  5. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    HAHAHA! You know you called that number and felt stupid!
  6. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    youngsta?? im 27...and all this talk about me being scared to say who i am....call me up and find out 212-479-7990!
  7. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    This Thread is DEAD!
  8. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    don't you birds have AIM?
  9. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    Isn't that the only reason to watch that show?
  10. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    I nominate this as the quote of the year for "The Clubplanet Awards" HAHA! Ok now let this thread DIE!
  11. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    I'm not mrmouth or edubz! Trust Me! (or Us) HAHA!
  12. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    That's called being a smart business man!...Getting a whole new generation of loyal fans....U Got to believe! HAHAHA!
  13. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    Not everyone knows that! Especially these young kids! And how do you feel about contributing to the all shadiness?.....I guess thats why you named your company TRUST US.....cuz there so many people in the scence that you cant trust! HAHAHA!
  14. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    That pic of Boris and JP is a perfect example of the whole scene is like...Everyone all smiles and lovey dovey in front of each other but behind their back's its straight HATE! HAHAHA!
  15. I know who stole Jonathan peters crowd!

    There is a lot of grimey shit that goes on out there....but not everyone knows the deal....It one thing to promote an *upcoming* party in front of a party thats already going on...and it's another thing to promote a party that going on at the same time and try to bag people off the line to go to it.....and then play it off like its all good in the end by showing up to JP's party when Show was over....That was like a slap to JP's face...Let me ask you this...Since when have JP and Boris been cool with each other?.....Have you ever seen JP show up and support a Boris party? NAAAHHH!....HAHA! You gotta love it!