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  1. New Night Club In Bergen County

    is there one creative bone left anywhere
  2. Well M usually means Male and F usually means Female as in male /female couple
  3. Is Studio 4 open?

    i watched inside the actors studio once
  4. Favorite NJ Promoter??????

    umm favorite promoter as in what a person i would like to have a drink with i mean i dont think ever in my life have i gone to a place because a promoter was doing a party there ....thats just retarded ...
  5. Surf Club........?

    dude those huts on the stilts in the water were siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick....
  6. Surf Club........?

    Yo Ibiza was hot so was Vegas man was that really hot
  7. Surf Club........?

    nice thread jack j/k
  8. Surf Club........?

    and this has to do with the surf club how ???
  9. Surf Club........?

    I doubt they would do the multi level .....but if they remodeled i always wondered why they wouldnt make the place like Nikki beach in Miami
  10. message from BORIS

    If Boris is spinning i'll hang outside with the hotdog guy........EVEN if its FREE now if someone's paying i'll bring ear plugs and narcotics
  11. message from BORIS

    its mandatory if you are going to hear Boris.....only thing that will save ya
  12. Surf Club........?

    A time machine.
  13. message from BORIS

    no then the hotdog guy outside crobar wouldnt make anything.........
  14. message from BORIS

    I would personally rather hit myself with a hammer than go hear Boris anyway ....i thought he sucked at Big Fridays and i still think he sucks drops a lot of good tracks but his nights go NO where...
  15. message from BORIS

    Yea like running into towers that are on fire and collapsing to save people ...is that big enough ray ray?