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  1. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    Yes we do ^^ All this talk about the soundfactory but don't forget the limelight too, many insane great vibe party nights there. Anyway twilo rulz.... RIP the best club in my time, I miss those Friday nights, especially the Ultimate base nights with carl cox,jim masters,trevor rockcliffe and many others legends.
  2. LMFAO I suggest you revise the legal system.
  3. cops closed crobar.....

    That's where you are wrong. We are considered herds of animals by the police/military/government. p.s. going to be real fucked up when the U.S. government declares martial law and starts shipping those who oppose the government to underground prisons(which can hold 15million people). If you have no clue wtf I am talking about look up Phil Schneider or Steven Greer(Disclosure Project) on google. Scary shit and its happening right under our noses. BTW Phil had over 18 attemps to take his life when he came out with these seminars. The 19th time was succesful.
  4. cops closed crobar.....

    I really don't care anymore about any of this. All I got to say is I don't find much of a difference between someone getting shot or overdosing. Both are extremely fucked up situations and is not acceptable. I feel for crobar because in my own personal exp. I thought they ran their club the best outa of all the large ny nightclubs. It is too bad because if us clubbers don't wake the fuck up and straighten out you can kiss the scene goodbye in ny forever. Yeah its you dumbasses(not you chris just in general) that get meth'd,kay'd,x'd out that are ruining it all. The 10-20 underage drinkers are a problem but not to the extent of the druggies. If you don't know what I'm talking about go to a club sober @4am and just look around at the peeps its truly disgusting. ONe of the reasons I rarely go out anymore is because I don't want to be assiociated with this scene anymore. I love the music but I can't love a scene were 80% of the peeps in it are there for the drugs.
  5. BORIS | The Recovery Party @ PACHA | Sat 1/13

    Hmmm everyone knocked him when he spun at crobar. Now he is at Pacha so he is good now... lol
  6. Junior Vasquez

    like JP right (sarcasm)
  7. WOW fuking amazing, I think thats the first big party on NYE in my life that didnt have a OD.(been clubbin since 92) SOmehow I am having a hard time believing this.
  8. its a new years party so yeah give or take 10-15 I'd say.
  9. silverbull-my thoughts

    ok first off, I gota say this. I've partied all over the world London,Amsterdam,Montreal,Miami,Ibiza and let me tell you this they dont got shit over nyc. So i have no fucking clue where you get off saying that this city does not come close to the parties elsewhere.The only city that may be a little better than ny is amsterdam and thats only cause they let you smoke weed there.
  10. well if people here didnt bitch there wouldnt be much to talk about ^^
  11. wow i could of swore i said some pretty bad things about jp here, guess it got deleted lmao
  12. Ian Pooley

    Havent heard ian since Liberty in 95' this guy is a class act. Not to be missed.
  13. Crobar is a excellent place as is Pacha. No use in arguing which is better, they both make the city a better place to party Friday and Saturday nights with quality talent week in and week out. Only thing I dislike about the clubs is that they need a stricter door policy. I can't stand being around druggies especially young kids who can't handle their shit.
  14. I hope he plays a set similar to the one he spun at the Roxy last year. That had to be one of the best sets iv'e heard since his residency at twilo. I danced my ass off when he got on, till @8a.m. with the occasional mixed drink break. Awesome night.
  15. Can you wear sneakers at crobar?

    I wear sneakers there, of coarse they are black and casual. Not some bright white b-ball hi tops lol.