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  1. The Velvet Rope Factor

    Thanks for the info, everyone. I think our plan will be to catch a great DJ at a big club the first night and then maybe hang out a smaller club (the sit around drinking martinis kind) the second night. I'll need to work on my hotness. Is there some kind of smiley for "hotness"? I'm trying to cram all the best of NYC into two days and it is not easy. Silverball, to answer your question about DJ's, right now I like DJ Cut Creator. He plays on Saturdays at a club in my town (Austin). But to be honest, I haven't heard many. I go to see lots and lots of bands play live, but I'm just now getting into (at a late age, I guess -- I'm in my early thirties) the whole club scene.
  2. The Velvet Rope Factor

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking for a while (okay, like 10 minutes -- I'm bad at being quiet ) and have a question. Is getting into classy, fun clubs with smart people and good music really as complicated and exclusionary as it seems? A girlfriend and I travel a lot together, but we spend most of our time shopping, eating and drinking wine at bars. The club scene wasn't something that really appealed to us until now. We live in Texas, so standing in lines or getting behind velvet ropes has never been an issue. You want to get in somewhere, you just pay at the door and go have fun. So now we're planning a trip to NYC and the thought of getting turned away seems kind of humiliating. Is planning an evening at a club even worth it? Am I over-thinking this?