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  1. Very Important to Keep in Mind......... This really means JP is "America's Most Popular DJ" there is no way of knowing who is the best. JP does pack everyplace he plays. Say what you want about the crowd. He may or may not be the "best" But he prob is the most popular.
  2. Soundfactory???

    interesting. what direction was that? i kinda think ur right...........
  3. House Music Suggestions?

    If you like hard/deep, progressive/tribal beats, check out these guys too: Joy Marquez Marcello Castelli D Formation DJ Fist Piliavin & Zimbardo Javith DJ Paulo Midnight Society Jaimy
  4. Soundfactory???

    "it brainwashed its patrons into thinking he's the only dj around" interesting comment. were you brain washed?
  5. Financial Security

    I agree with everything you said, (especially the last thing) but your first comment. THE most practical thng a person can do with their money is buy property. Renting builds no equity , and is like throwing money out the window..........