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  1. Junior this Saturday

    the explaination is simple...i changed my mind. heard him at crobar and i almost fell asleep on the dancefloor. played "elektro" by outwork? good track...just lil tired now....hence the comment. plus i was "persuaded" by someone to post the other comment. i'm glad we have a posting police. i'll have to watch my mouth next time:P
  2. Junior this Saturday

    imo....merritt can't turn pancakes....he's tired.
  3. Junior this Saturday

    the JP classic's party earlier this month was 60 dollars. so u figure this party will be at least that much as well. better come prepared. hopefully it'll be worth it.
  4. Sept 9 & 10 - Brasilan Day Festival Newark Nj

    the portugal festival was insane....let's see how the brazilians do it:P can wait! i'll definitely be at polk st.
  5. haven't heard PVD since the twilo days....kind worried to see if i can handle 4 hrs of trance tho:P but i'm not a hater.....i'm always down for a good party in central park! if i knew ultra nyc was happening early i prolly wouldn't have bought tix.
  6. what about sander k cd i won? i was actually gonna go just to pick it up....
  7. hey just introducing myself. been checking out cp for party info for a while now just never posted. so i figure i would introduce myself....so HI! i'll be at crobar tonight for merritt and tasha's bday! i'll be one of the many asians there....but one of the few that can actually dance. i think i'll be wearing my camo cadet hat tonight. say hello if u spot me:P
  8. crobar August Line-Up!

    hello???...merritt?...he's legendary....if u don't know take some classes... start with "clubber's guide to nyc 101" he definitely knows how to work the big rooms....going to be there for sure....dark nasty beats:P
  9. i might be mistaken, but i'm almost positive i've heard a remix of the song "crazy" by gnarls barkley in some club. because when i saw the video on mtv it sounded way too familiar. anyone wanna help me out?
  10. Track ID please...thank you.

    Anybody know the track in this video? thanks for the help:P
  11. Track ID from Tiesto at Crobar

    yea...that's it. thanks. now just have to find where i can dl it:P
  12. anyone know the track in this video clip from tiesto at crobar? i don't really care for trance so i didn't go to the party. but the bass drop in this clip is hot. makes me kind of wish i went:P