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  1. Look Dude I totally understand what you passed thru, however times changed, and you can not be living because of what happened. Prejudice existed everywhere with many kind of characteristics,I'm not one of them, because I'm Gay and a DJ too, proud to be. You got offended for nothing, maybe because when you posted you hadn't sleep yet...lol. If the topic is not interesting to you, sorry, but it's is for me, because if you really proud to be gay you joke around about that, and live you life they way you want to. If was so bad for you where you lived, you should had moved to NJ and NY, here you could always be free.
  2. You guys are no fun. I'm Gay and I like to make fun of it. That's why I'm happy and maybe you guys arent.
  3. I do. Why you people are so close mind. Is just real life, lets share some fun stories. I just wanna know who I'm gonna fuck next.
  4. Come on, let's play, are you Gay?