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  1. hi 9mile they're still being wankers. highly entertaining x
  2. in answer to your strange question and if its any of your business none of my children live with my mother. they are grown up and leading good independant lives. any more dumbfucker questions big boy
  3. seem to have upset the new york forum so i shall try boston

    if its crap why u reading
  4. please see my thread on new york forum - 'virgin in new york' - got some harsh words. am in boston on tuesday and i shall ask the same again. english air hostess in USA frequently with friends and looking for places to hang out and possible make new friends. any suggestions. x
  5. well in that case yes you are welcome and would love to meet you sometime. back in NY later in the month.
  6. depends if your hot or not. i can be shallow too xx
  7. am i really? well huge apologies to you all cos that was not meant. in fact cant see any quote on here by me that suggests otherwise. i think i am getting a sense of - cant get a gf so slag off all women - only on here to chat to peeps who may be interested in what i have to say. i have to say the comedy element is keeping me going but why if you dislike me do you all keep coming back. like mr cool above 'get the fuck outta here' and start your own boring threads and leave this one for genuine guys and girls or give us some more shite to entertain xx love ya
  8. hi all - just back to england. had a fab time in new york. tried the China Club someone told me about it was closed. taxi driver took us to the marquee. had a ball - back again in two weeks time. met some lovely new york guys. all hope is not lost.
  9. look out for the girls in red!!!
  10. right on my way to new york today. sure i can find something to keep me occupied..... see ya there!
  11. face to face honey you wouldn't stand a chance - stick thin i am not thank fxxk - but if appearance is all that matters to you so be it - have you ever had a girlfriend
  12. is his head on upside down?
  13. talking to a third party again hey! i'm sure there's no one listening hun - don't worry i am big enough and ugly enough to listen to your shite -what is it with some doh american guys no soh - and yes and no sense. ONLY THIS GUY GUYS I HAVE MET SOME REALLY COOL AMERICANS THIS IS THE FIRST JERK!
  14. hi 9mile i'm not worried i could eat them for breakfast. just wanted to make some friends while in new york and see whats going on. there are tossers in every part of the world x