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  1. Culture, FSOB, Contagious Musiq, ABH + Black Magic Present: Home Bass – WMC Edition Hosted by Dave Noller + Scott Weiser of Dynamix II FSOB/Culture Area: Dynamix II (live) Deekline ( Bass Set) DJ Godfather Mr.Mixx (2 Live Crew) Hydraulix Merlyn Supernaut Eric Berretta ABH DJ Voodoo Xerodefx Live Digital Mix Nter of the Crobot Crew ABH/ Black Magic Records Electro Bass Showcase Area: Anthonny Nuzzo Live Shadowbunny Live Floorkilla Live Digital Mix Synthetix Live Digital mix Hi Cue Vs Synergist DJ Hans Phonotronix Felos Skinner Vs Ran D DJ Psychodelik Vs Noah J Kimchee Love aka Eva Vs Athena Medley Vs IQ J-Mekka JPX Vs Drew Progress Inspectah Tech Baby Girl Vs Zero 90 Degrees 90 NE 11 st Miami, Florida 33132 www.club90degree.com
  2. Selling MINT condition DJ setup.

    What model # ortofons and coffin stand? I'm interested in those two.
  3. Security breach at the Port of Miami...

    I heard that all charges were dropped and there was no threat whatsoever. Funny, because FOX News was having a field day with the story.
  4. Attn Fidel Castro!!!

  5. just wondering

    house, breaks, and dnb, and techno I'm not really too picky. Really looking to see more of the vegas local djs at the smaller venues on the strip, but headliners are cool too as long as admission isn't too much or i am able to get on a free/reduced list. i'll be there aug 4 - aug 13
  6. just wondering

  7. just wondering

    So then where do clubbers find the good parties?
  8. just wondering

    Do vegas promoters flyer in the streets alot? I am going there for the first time and want to know if I can look for certain parties by picking up flyers off the ground, or if I should do my homework and search online. If so, what are some good vegas club sites I can search for? House, breaks, and dnb, and techno are what I'm looking for. thanx
  9. Funketeer leaves Clubplanet again!!!

    Those incas make some good tea from what I hear.
  10. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Pull over that waaahmbulance is charging at full speed!
  11. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Series tied!
  12. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Miami in game 5.
  13. Miami, summers are underrated!

    Now that's just wrong, dirty, and disgusting. Thanks for posting your innermost thoughts.