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  1. Random Thoughts #3

    I hate work... hate it with a passion, but it's what gets me paid so I can spend that money on a bunch of needless other shit...
  2. Hey!!!!

    I feel teh luv, thanks ^.^
  3. NEED INPUT: Bartending in Manhattan

    If your looking for where the popular gay bars/area is, yeah computerjockey is right, the Lower East Village and the Lower West Village are the best places to find. If you want a good mix, SoHo has a bunch of bars, and there's always rotating bar tenders there. If you want to make money... look anywhere from Mid-Town to Uptown.
  4. Powerbook G4 For Sale

    any picture we can see of it?
  5. Hey!!!!

    I've been hiding around here for a bit, figured I might as well say hi (found out a few friends are also around here). As for me? I'm a DJ (I DJ online and offline) from the NYC area (Brooklyn!!!!!!). So what's up, ya'll?