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  1. Halloweeen 2008

    Hey everyone, it's been a while.....hope everyone is doing well. what are u all doing for halloween? *bella*
  2. its been a while

    not much just been working my ass off for the past year with 3 jobs.
  3. its been a while

    hi lola!
  4. attn: Sidooloongo

    sid what have u been up to lately? am i going to see u at festivus again? one year from the last time i saw u, lol?
  5. its been a while

    just stoppin by to say hello! hope all is well
  6. Thank You For Not Smoking

    wow yeah 5 years have gone by.... i was actually working as an intern for the nys assembly when that vote was taken..i was on the floor when they announced those results...was a sad day! i do smoke and that sux. but w/e people do it anyway now! i have even tried to sneak a few cigs in my day.
  7. Armand Van Helden

    omg i absolutely loooveee armand van helden and i would love to see him
  8. The Martinez Brothers

    at cielo i thought they had AMAZING track selection and read the crowd very well - the place was packed and so was the dancefloor all night, but in my opinion i thought it was all over the place with the mixing, just my opinion....e.g. played a soulful funky house track followed by a 6am prime hour electro banger....and at some points was tracks were just dropped. just pionting out something i noticed....they are totaly unpredictable which can be either good or bad. overall though, these two guys are talented and have a lot of potential.
  9. attn: Sidooloongo

    hi sid, cookie....its been a while.
  10. music is the answerrrrr stuck in my head now!!!
  11. Foam Parties

    i have been to a couple foam parties, a llooong tmie ago maybe when i was like 18 idk it was fun though i thought
  12. does anyone watch Big Love?

    werd. i miss big love already!
  13. ~Sangria~

    wtf are u talking about???? man im seeing this a month l8te. vegas????
  14. 6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba In Lakes

    omg!!!! and i was just in arizona.....thank God I did not go into any lakes. that is insane
  15. California: Our nations largest sausage-fest:

    i <3 san diego. is that beach anywhere near the lodge @ torrey pines? i stayed there a few years ago, was amazing. we were near a reserve.... btw my bro is getting assigned to san diego w the marines so i am def going back out there to visit him!