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  1. Lines/crowds...

    We will be there in 2 weeks, not this weekend. I would expect horrific lines anywhere this weekend. Sorry, all! True, the Travel Channel didn't give much; just watched the Vegas show to get thinking about Vegas! We did like VooDoo lounge; Sun night no lines. Great view. Band was OK, but NOWHERE to dance. Guess we know where the clubs are...we can start early and see where that leads.... At least we can always resort to the tables if the lines are too much! I KNOW this has been asked before...but do you feel that the guestlist from this site (or others) are really helpful? No cover is nice; we'll make that up in cocktails anyway. Thanks again.. K
  2. Lines/crowds...

    Caught a bit of a Vegas show on The Travel Channel last night... It said to expect an hour wait to pretty much any club any night... showed some PACKED dance floors... Now these things don't bother me much, but my husband would rather hit the tables than the clubs... If we are there Sat-Tues nights, are there any interesting clubs w/o the min. hour wait? Don't need the hottest clubs in town...maybe the "next" hottest. Will the guestlist here be helpful for Sun-Tues nights to cut wait time? Nice & hot here...feels like Vegas already! (working on that Vegas tan!) K
  3. Away from the main crowd

    I keep taking notes here...and changing up my list of spots "not to miss". I like the chatter I keep hearing (seeing??!!). I think we will have a good time. What about couples getting in? K
  4. Vegas 6/17-21

    There are so many that interest me! As far as music is concerned...I am NOT the conservative one; BUT not gonna do hip-hip as a group (maybe the cuz and I will need to leave hubby at the craps tables, and hit the clubs ourselves...) On these 'slower' nights, can we hit a few more clubs? We start early, and go all night. But again, would rather be IN a club than waiting in line. Or should we pick one (or two?) a night and call it good? I hadn't really thought about BE much...it does keep coming up. Gonna have to check it out. Thanks again, K
  5. Vegas 6/17-21

    Going the nontraditional route w/ a Sat-Weds trip...just how it worked out. It will be husband & I, possibly a female cousin of his. She is late 20s, we are late 30s. She hasn't been to Vegas since she was 20. We want to hit best spots. Prefer not "the" hottest clubs of a given night. Would rather spend time IN the club, not waiting in line. Also not into "college" clubs--3 professionals; like a nice cocktail, dancing, interesting crowd. Pure sounds interesting, so does Light, The Foundation Room ( I know we can get in Mondays, but we may be able to another night...any particularly interesting?), may just have to check out Studio 54 for interest alone.... Suggestions? K PS Don't mind spending $, but bottle/table prices are ridiculously elevated. Nice money maker for the clubs! Gotta respect that in my field!
  6. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    Any of the above spots mentioned...when might we see the doors open? Will be in Vegas mid-June...doubting any will be open by then, but maybe next trip! KK
  7. We love Vegas, and really enjoyed the Voodoo lounge on our last trip, but missed a dance floor. Shadow Bar is fun, too. Thinking of doing a lot more clubbing on our June trip, Sun-Weds. Recommendations? Don't need to pick anyone up...like a fun crowd, but not like I'm in college again...want to dance, variety of 80s-90s pop, todays top 40, not so much hip hop. Foundation Room looks great. Certainly have some ideas...looking for your opinion. I am sure I have the proper attire (cami, jeans, heels), but not sure for my man for summer... k
  8. Hotel?!?

    (PS seems seriously male heavy here...but I'm game...) having been to Vegas many times, have stayed at Sahara (hey, did that whole trip for $500 total!!!lol), Excalibur, MGM, Bally's & Mirage. For me, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Bally's is a decent room, a decent location, and if you request the front tower, actually a very short trip from the room elevators to the front door. I LOVE the Mirage...lush interior, great pool/poolside bar, LOCATION, and one of my fav places to gamble. Am headed in June. Mirage, Bellagio & Venetian are all around $200/night. Treasure Island is $160...recommendations? I like nice places...but not snobbery.(In Pebble Beach stayed at Spanish Inn which was SO nice, but not snobby...Pebble Beach resort was not as comfortable an atmsophere) Any opinions from the board? K