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  1. 30th Birthday Party - A Few Questions...

    Yeah, I wouldn't do that. I club in Houston all the time, and I've partied at some of the best clubs in L.A., Miami, Cancun, etc... every city is different and I'm just trying to learn the Vegas system. I'm not sure why, but Vegas is the only city I've ever been to that groups of cute girls are NOT giving preferential treatment when standing in line... Just trying to learn how to get better service, that's all.
  2. 30th Birthday Party - A Few Questions...

    Another quick Question: What's the difference between "4 Night Club Passes Good For Complimentary Admission" and being on a guest list? If I'm *just* on a guest list, I still pay cover, right?
  3. 30th Birthday Party - A Few Questions...

    Thanks for everyone's help! Wow. That's over a grand... I'll have to talk to my friends about arranging that. L.A. was not that exp! Hopefully I'll do really well at the tables! That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I guess I don't really care about the wait for a drink as long as the staff is good and professional. I've just had bad experiences at "popular" clubs in other cities with them understaffing or staffing with rude bartenders... that's more what I would be worried about ruining my night. Thanks for all your help!
  4. I'm hosting my bf's birthday May 12-14 in Vegas. We are staying at TI, which means we get in free to Tangerine & Mist. There's a group of 7-10 of us (mix of guys/girls) that are going to want to party, and I'm trying to figure out where. We're all cute, we dress well, I'm not worried about not getting in... But last time I was in Vegas with my girls, we waited in lines (which has never happened to us in Miami, L.A., anywhere else!). Don't want to do that again. I'm open to bottle service for at least one night... My questions: How good are Tangerine & Mist? Does staying at the hotel enable us to show our keys and walk in or do we still have to wait in line there? I'm thinking Tryst, OPM, Jet, Pure [we like hip hop] for Sat night. Are these all super-crowded (is it impossible to get a drink at the bar in less than 15 minutes)? For bottle service: What's the people-to-bottle ratio requirement? What's the average *TOTAL COST* of bottle service (Including VIP Host tips, etc)? What's with the clubplanet guestlist? Does that put us in the regular line on a guest list or a special "guestlist line"? What's with the passes (Fri/Sat) on ebay? Which line would we be in? $20 for 4 people seems too good to be true. Thanks for your help - this board is awesome, glad I found it.