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  1. vanguard - wtf is up?

    I don’t think it’s racist at all for the Asian night at Vanguard. Say, DMK, Ktown213 promote events for everyone on their site and what not. Yet, who’s going to be looking at their sites? Asians will be looking at it, not Black, White or Green people. Fuck it, if they promote the club and can bring money to a venue, as a business owner, wouldn’t you want to maximize your potential revenue? I know on the surface it does not sound cool having an all Asian club, but fuck it. The promoters don’t give a fuck who comes because it’s about the money; yet they tend to draw their own people as that is the group that is looking at their sites and on their mailing list. With all these different clubs, all Black, Hispanic, and what ever else there is, fuck it. Let them have their shit. Go down to New Port Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Nigel, etc and you will have lots of white clubs with little to no minorities there. No one says shit about that. If you don’t like these clubs, there are lots of other clubs with a mixed group. The beauty of the thing is that we have the ability to go places to enjoy what we want to enjoy. Side note, when I was in school, having these ethnic clubs did kind of suck because if we did have a white club, then that would be shot down and seemed to be racist. Yet, now a days, white people have become less racist due to the pressures not to be and it’s like reverse racism now. We have to get over this though. Don’t blame anything on racism, get beyond that and look for positive solutions to this. We all have our shit as a race to go though and we white people still have it pretty well over all. So, don’t bring up racism and see it for what it really is. Try checking out these ethnic clubs and see the vibes. It’s all love in the clubs! Instead of complaining about something, come up with viable solutions to fix or make things better.
  2. vanguard - wtf is up?

    i hear a lot of good vibes from this place. wed = drum and bass, fri = asian nights and other nights are supposed to be good. this is a bad ass place for clubbing. i hope they keep it up and keep getting good dj's and stuff there. need to make sure the place has good promoters. need to get some pictues of events up too at some point.