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  1. Morillo last night!!!

    i thought he played good on fri too way better than any of his past sets at pacha this year
  2. serge def ripped it from 5:30 on
  3. is

    yea but i'm not tryin to wait till 4 to go out
  4. is

    anything gonna be good for fri?
  5. is this gonna be good for fri or is something better going on fri?
  6. Any morillo reviews!!??

    thanks i'll keep that in mind for next time
  7. Any morillo reviews!!??

    hid what? the pills i ate
  8. Any morillo reviews!!??

    got there around 2 line wasn't bad, got in pretty quick, place was crowded but not too bad music was alright didn't feel the bombs yet so was chillen lot of good lookin girls on all floors, around 4 took another bomb and then morillo got nasty for a lil bit then calmed down then took it up a notch i guess he was kinda up and down like the pills i took all in all was a good night. left around 10 found my window broken and all the assholes took was fukin change bastards
  9. pacha doesn't search anything, but they are lookin inside