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  1. ultra in miami

    nah..im a dj in training basically.
  2. ultra in miami

    http://bbs.clubplanet.com/customprofilepics/profilepic302663_1.gif for the lazy people that don't want to look in my profile
  3. ultra in miami

    There is one! lmfao..but ill have to get an updated pic taken since i dyed my hair blond lol
  4. ultra in miami

    Hmm i thought there was a pic already uploaded in my profile Ill look again.
  5. ultra in miami

    Ill only dress to impress!
  6. Robert De Niro Appreciation thread...

  7. Please take a moment to be brainwashed

    id say so
  8. :o)

    ultra tickets bought yay! hehe
  9. The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

    well tell them guests to sign up! lmfao.j/k
  10. Global Gathering

    i should of went just to see NIN but i didn't go.
  11. ultra in miami

    haha Ill just act myself.. thats all i can do
  12. ultra in miami

    just bought 8 tickets so im definately going and i actually have a babysitter that i can trust. *very happy* Ill be going in the pm and my friend is going during the day cause thats who will stay with my daughter during the pm. I love partnerships like that but i was hoping that me and my friend could go up there at the same time but sometimes it don't work that way. And i just don't leave my daughter with just anyone. Thats probably why i don't go out much lol. But thanks all for the info. I do appreciate it. with lots of love -- Christina
  13. ultra in miami

    thanks homer!! Even though the link goes NOWHERE! lmfao but thanks anyways.
  14. ultra in miami

    i lived in kansas for 29 years (spent a year in missouri) And i never been in a tornado..imagine that! It came close though..like 3 miles from where i lived..lucky me! im 30 though so i spent most of my life in kansas..I just had to get away..it was way too boring LOL
  15. Even in China he's a jackass...

    nooo! not the asian invasion!*sarcasm*