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  1. I probably could hit a few of them. Hopefully I could drag my bro and or a couple of friends...
  2. Where is Sully...? Can't find a webpage for it or anything...
  3. 9mile, robbiewoodside..thanks much for the scoop! I've got my hands full as far as options are concerned now! That Union Square Ballroom party sounds right up my alley...not really into the hipster/yuppie/see-and-be-seen thing...just like to get fucked up and dance my ass off!
  4. People... I'm going to be visiting NYC from April 5th to April 11th (can't believe I missed fucking Sasha and Digweed) and I'd like a local's opinion on where the best places to clubbing go are What I'm looking for: Deep House, Micro House, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Hardstep, Trance Pay my money, enter club, people getting fucked up and dancing 'till the break of dawn.. What I'm not looking for: Posers standing behind a velvet rope for half the night trying to be noticed to get into a overrated club, pay for overpriced drinks, bouncers all over your shit and people not even dancing... Any suggestions...?