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  1. Best Vitamin?

    If I am on a budget and just need a basic multi I take the Twinlab One a Day
  2. Muscle Milk vs Mega Whey

    Definitely take in some sort of whey protein post workout, this goes for cardio and weight training. This will help prevent muscle atrophy or breakdown. Muscle milk is a very good protein supplement but has its place. I would stick to drinking MM before bed since digestion will be slower and stick to the whey before and after workouts.
  3. Mulit-V

    I found a new multi out there that looks awesome...I think its new... MHP Activite http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=770 BTW I love to reply to myself
  4. Supplements...

    Real food, def the way to go but sometimes those supps just give you the extra edge in and out of the gym.
  5. Supplements...

    I use these: Multi - Universal Animal Pack http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=150 Protein Powder - Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Stack http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=317 Pre Gym Workout - Gaspari Super Pump 250 http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=31 Post Workout - BSN Cell Mass http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=28 Test Booster - Vyotech 17HD http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=732
  6. Best Vitamin?

    I agree Universal Animal Pack http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=150
  7. Mulit-V

    I agree... Universal Animal Pack http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=150
  8. If you think CEE tastes bad there is always the pill form. A good one I've heard is Muscle Tech's CEE Pro http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=527
  9. Muscle Milk

    Muscle Milk is a quality product. I found a place that carries Muscle Milk along with everything else I use...plus they have fast shipping. http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=65 Gackic is a pretty hot product out there...and this place has sick prices on it...any word on it? http://store.phillybodybuilding.com/index.php5?ProductID=743