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  1. cops closed crobar.....

    Pheww. looks like it's none of the clubs I was going to tonight, I hope this doesnt happen to any others tonight while im out celebrating my bday. would f'n suck
  2. Limelight now a H&M???

  3. My Birthday on Jan 6th, anything good

    My father recommended club shelter, he told me he used to DJ there back in the day, he also DJ'd at the old Zanzibar in Newark, NJ. His name is DJ Hollywood. Obviously I was too young to remember but, I might check this shelter place out, if not I would check out some others. I usually get dressed up to go out, but I feel like wearing jeans and shoes, are these places you recommended safe for that attire? ie strict at the door?
  4. My Birthday on Jan 6th, anything good

    I'm into all types of music,..not too much rave, but if theres something cool that I could have fun with it would be ok, Im into Old school, house, jazz and some trance.
  5. My Birthday on Jan 6th, anything good

    I guess theres nothing that great going this weekend.
  6. I'll be turning 21 and I want this to be the best night of my young life. Any ideas for the best party in NYC? What kind of luck is it to turn 21 on a Sat. lol i hope have fun, and thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. Out of curiosity what was that bad experience?
  8. I might wound up going if nothing if it doesn't rain,...also why do people hate avalon so much ???
  9. Avalon 4/14 Info?

    Does anyone know who is going to be DJ'n this Friday at the Avalon...also just to let people know that it is back open and saturday rocked so start coming back out ya'll..
  10. Tonight 4/8 @ Avalon

    I'm trying to figure out if this is worth going to or not because I would go to crobar if this party is going to be a little boring tonight. Any suggestions on tonight will be appreciated,..sorry if this is a newb question.