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  1. Boris BAby!!!!

    i have heard good and bad things about Boris...i dono what to believe..i think im gona go check him out once.
  2. Can’t we all get along?

    well..i understand how u probably feel and u shoulnt have any fault in this..BUT..the club is always FULL with asians..and as i have experienced most of them are rude and they won't say excuse me..and most of them carry things that shoulndt be carried inside the club...aham...maybe thats y? i was one nite on line, and in front of me was 3 asian guys and behind me were like 15 asian friends, men and women, which were above the age of 35!!! the bouncer made me and my boyfriend go inside before them and some tried to sneak in with us..wich seemed more suspicious..i mean..y would someone thats 40-50 come in a packed club dressed in suits ? so everything seemed suspicious..i mean stereotyping a group of people is totally wrong..but sometimes it leaves them with no choice..they are wrong also, and if they think asians carry things inside..then they should strip everyone down to their underwear becuz i agree...everyone pays money and they should be allowed inside..but hey..sometimes....they dont do the right thing..or do they.its left unanswered..they know better
  3. Lawler review

    how long did it go for?
  4. Videos from Jonathan Peters

    don't seem so hot...hot is a video i have from sasha this past friday..ill try to post it
  5. pr day parade afterparties

    haha i slept...no thought or commments on that..i didnt even dream...hmm
  6. girls watch out for this guy

    i agree..i've seen so many times bouncers treating people like shit..just cuz their fuckin bouncers and have some power..they take advantage and start pushing people around..i've seen it many times at crobar where bouncers push people on line and curse them out..even girls..i think thats so rude and it messes up everyones mood..we pay money to enjoy ourselves and dancing on one of the speakers don't mean we have to get pushed around and pulled down on the floor.just a simple" get down pls" will help...
  7. Hey Peoples

    the place to be...
  8. Boris BAby!!!!

    wat kinda house does he play exacly?
  9. sexual acts at clubs

    wow thats just crazy..the worst thing i had seen was wen this guy just hooked up with a girl in a club..and after 2 min she was dancing in front of him..he was holding her with one hand..and the other hand was busy inside her pants..and belive me the club wasnt too crowded and the girl's arms were up ...worshipping the dj..u could've seen everything..yuck
  10. girls watch out for this guy

    ugh i hate guys that do that..this is creepy..i kno how u probably felt..u can't feel safe but u probably thought he is a little normal..and then wen he showed u his real side..u felt very strange and tried walkin away..u should be very careful and i dont think u should ever sit with anyone at the table..they gona start believing ur into them...just be a bitch and walk away...u cant be friendly to guys in a club that u dono...
  11. Under 21 Gay in NYC

    spirit sundays and the web..everyday
  12. do you agreeeeee?

    TYPICAL CLUB NIGHT IN NYC (CROBAR FOR EXAMPLE) At times, we go too far for the great nights that we can have at a club.. For instance, if we work late we try in any possible way to finish faster, so we can get to “the†club to see our favorite djs. And if we don’t work we try the whole week to save money up for that one special night. SO great, u got ur money, u bust your ass to get there, u freeze ur ass on line, u go through so much shit at the door,†PEOPLE THAT ARE V.I.P, LINE STARTS HEREâ€.â€PEOPLE WITH TICKETS HEREâ€,â€PEOPLE ON THE GUEST LIST HEREâ€..AND the loosers..on the typical 500 people line,where by the time u get to show ur id, ur hair is messed up, u froze ur ass that u look pale,and u got to get to a bathroom as soon as possible..OK..so? Some of us are not 18 yet…and have to go through the bullshit of playin’ stupid with the bouncer or even try to flirt a little.. As soon as u are†released†of that pressure u have gone through, its finally time to get a little touched here and there and get every little pocket checked out. BECAUSE as we know..CLUBS IN NYC cannot under any circumstance risk on having any drug dealer in the club..(wink wink).. OK, we are way passed the bouncer, we got the tickets, NOW coat check..(nobody, I MEAN, nobody has any jacket or coat in their hands)..so That makes you stand on a line that contains of 500 people..AGAIN.. U FINALLY pay ur 5 bucks for the jacket, leave a stupid tip, cuz otherwise they give you the ugliest look, or they’ll play stupid at the end of the night, and take their sweet time to find ur jacket;)..So yeah,here comes the great part..OR DOES IT?……..NO…EVERYONE that loves house….HATES regeatton or any kind oh hip hop..YES…u are forced to pass through a small room Full with people and short white skirts, with small tank tops and cleaveages.DANG, here and DANGGG there…. in order to get to“the room“…as u pass by in that little “space“, ur more likely to get ur ass grabbed or a boob touched…and U also have the opportunity to see up a girls skirt that’s shakin herâ€thang†on one of the speakers; )..SO here comessssssss theee GREAT part that we’re allll waiting for…THE PLACE WHERE U CAN…BE yourself…or can you? OK..so you see..ur fav d.j ..OVER THERE..on the top of the world..( aa run run…)…u MUST get closer…to get a closer look at wat sasha is wearing or what NEW hair cut john digweed has J ..So u start off on the mission through the crowd!!! U hold hands with ur loved ones so u don’t loose uselves..U push, u curse, u get mad, u lose someone, u find them again…OK so ur in the middle on the dance floor, ur checkin the people around you, u look at the d.j,and u get into the groove..U start moving ur head..ur body gets loose..U FEEL good……………. YEP..until some idiot in front of u that has 3 feet in front of him and around him/her..is backing up on you…and believe me..UR most likely to touch their sweat!..yucks. U get a little annoyed..u “try†to get away…but u seem to only get close to..idiots?,..why is new york getting more and more awkward?: y are people so DAMN weird!? So again, u try to feel good..( yay,yay)…and u start dancing..MAYBE u dare to close one eye or two and u end up STEPPED on with a HIGHHHHH HEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!! Yes?!?!?!?! High heel on ur foot!!!!!! U say tzk tzk to the person ..and all they say is “sorry J …happy people …as soon as u finish complaining to ur self with†agh bitch, agh idiot, agh that smellâ€, u start to forget about it and start dancing…a clubber in a nyc club..can be very well related to a surgery m.d…yesss…the more gross things u see, the more u get use to it…and u also loose sympathy…so yah..U DANCE..and its 4 am…is that drug hour in the club.?.just like rush hour on the outsise world? Hmm..I guess soo…u see the MOST scariest faces in ur face..aham..laughin,smiling, acting crazy and scarrry..yikes….eh..if u know where you are and wat music ur listening to..ur most likely to have a great time..and say†ah wat the hell†this is worth it..but yyyyyyy in the world would someone come there and start dancing polka on house music??? ME DONO.!!..if I could..I would ask them..dammers..u take up space in here, I wanna dance and ur makin ur little circle of Russians dancing like ur at BABUSKA’s last b-day party..god damn.. NY is strange..let me tell you. Although the club is in NYC..most people are outsiders…ye..like the guiddos..PROUDLY wearing their wife beaters or not.. With their bandanas around their arm and a SF tattoo on their neck..or arm they all come from bayside or rego park..if u live in queens..YOU know…SO YEH…………its finally 6 am…and U CAN BE YOURSELF..finnaly..the guidos are somewhere in the back dancing polka..and we the people..are proudly dancing to the great BOMBS the d.j is throwing at 6-7 a.m J ..its just great..the drunks went home..or their in the bathroom fighting with their wives, the kids went home cuz MOM AND DAD are calling..and they gota be at soccer practice..so finally there is enough room to dance..I LOVE THOSE MORNING NIGHTS.?!..strange.but yes..u gota do watchu u gota do….nightlife can start in the morning belive it or not..….JUST ENJOY IT..
  13. June 17: Markus Schulz & Matthew Dekay OUTDOORS till 4AM

    wow in conecticut ...
  14. yeh last night was JUST amazing..i got there around 2 am..and satoshi was spinning..NOT BAD...but as soon as lavelle went on it was awesome..i have no words to describe SASHA..abs amazing