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    I'm a pre-op T-Girl.
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    Boca Raton, FL
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    Love music, dancing, and clubbing
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  1. hey there :)

    SO I hear the price of lettuce went down another 2 cents in South Dakota.
  2. hey there :)

    I haven't been in a while but I love CLub Space. As for Ft.Lauderdale, I go to Voodoo sometimes, Lush Lounge on Thursdays is cool....everyone dances crazy to indie rock, which is really different for FT.Lauderdale. Obviously being transgendered, I do check out alot of gay clubs throughout. But Gay club or not, I just love good quality electronic music to dance to.....thats all.
  3. hey there :)

    Hey What's up ALL! I'm Trinity Daze. I'm a single 25 yr old Tgirl living in Boca. Just signed up a lil bit ago. Brand new here. Looking forward to meeting other crazy party types that dance all throughout the night! lol. ~end of transmission~