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  1. im looking for free entrance, no salsa music. i went to east village and no one was there since nyu is having there finals. so any ideas???
  2. wat club on thursdays??

    wat r some happening clubs on thursdays?? i know cain is, wat else??
  3. how do u get in cain ???

    i stopped by cain yesterday and couldnt get in. they asked for guestlist and it didnt work. so how do u get on a guestlist for cain. i chkd clubplanet out but nothing. any ideas???
  4. any1 going to studio 9 tomm???

    ummm yeah girl is going. besides ladies paying no cover im wondering if guys have to pay cover
  5. i havent been to studio 9 in a while.
  6. besides deko and abyss anyone knows about any other parties for xmas and new year in "NJ"??
  7. jeans vs dress pants

    all the magazines and websites seems to be showing jeans the way to go. wat happened to dress pants???
  8. Mens Wear For Clubs????

    seems like the latest trend is have a graphic shirt, with blazer on top, sand blasted jeans, nice boots. anything else???
  9. ill be at deko seems like after reading the studio9 story. interested to see where most people will be going tomm