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    im a leo. and i like house music & dancing.. enough?
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    Brooklyn, NY
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    i like everything to an extent
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    i do bottle service at a club in the city.. hmMmMMmmm
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  1. Best Hotels to Stay in WMC 2007

    yea i booked a condo instead of a hotel. it just makes more sense, you can have as many people in the room, a lot of people are only staying some days so it just works out. ahhh i cant waitttttttt til march thoooo im gettin all excited! =)
  2. Best Hotels to Stay in WMC 2007

    yea.. idk that its true either... but someone told someone i know (you know how that is) that there was too many probs last year so the hotel decided not to host any parties anymore.. idkkKkkkkkk
  3. SoOoo... im tryin to book a hotel for wmc conference, and i am not sure where to stay.. def not droppin 1600 on the victor.. but i heard shelborne isnt having parties anymore.. =( idk.. where is everyone else staying, or what hotel is throwing the most parties?
  4. To All you FLORIDA residents...

    1. whatever 28 is not old. im just saying by the time im 28, i am probably not going to be out at clubs anymore. Im already tired of the scene and im barely 21. 2. im in florida visiting my cousin. i didnt want him to move down here. but i never see him.. so.. i came here during my week vacation. he would never come to brooklyn. 3. tomorrow day= nikki beach.. night= space.. for all you board members who probably are going to try to jump me. Ill be wearing this: thanx =) http://bbs.clubplanet.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=42743&stc=1&d=1150476931
  5. To All you FLORIDA residents...

    good job!
  6. To All you FLORIDA residents...

    and considering your both 28. wow shuddnt you be outta the club scene by now. with wife & kids and all that junk.. and you have MARCUS SCHULZ IN UR PROFILE. lmao. you gunna go see him at spirit in new york w. matt dekay?
  7. To All you FLORIDA residents...

    dont be mean! sander is good, and so is fanciulli, hernan cattaneo, morillo, lawler, zabiela, etc etc.. and considering what djs are residents down here.. umm.. (carl cox) you have no room to hate. not saying their the best, but they are different. not everything in life is fucking tiesto, sasha & digweed. jesus. and no.. "bling" didnt im me. and thank gOD i am only in florida hell til monday. i went out tonight. GARBAGE! have fun in your melting pot of shit. only thing florida has going for it is WMC.
  8. To All you FLORIDA residents...

    thanx guys. yea im hot so i hope they treat me nice =) probably see you around ill most likely go to nikki beach saturday then space at night, or mansion, or crobar.. hMMmm?!? so im me (aim=fashi0naddictx) 56 more days til 21. jeez!! (and yes im counting lmao)
  9. MORILLO MONDAY JULY 3 @ Pacha 18+

    ugh.. 18+