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  1. are u sure?! cuz from what im told he can cure cancer and move mountains. but seriously...are ppl REALLY getting mad that yonni won?! and are ppl really getting mad at other ppl for getting mad that he won? ( i hope that made sense ) obviously it was about the fans...hence the reason it there was voting. so obviously his fan base is alot bigger then others...maybe not. who cares...i love his classics and they make me happy.
  2. Flavor of love

  3. This heat is gonna kill me

    thank u! i didnt even know u could die from it...im just glad i dont have any brain damage or anything. i was lucky that i was able to get home in time to at least let my body cool down a little bit
  4. WELCOME hevn77

  5. This heat is gonna kill me

    i wasnt being serious either i mean, it is the internet yanno lol
  6. WELCOME hevn77

    why u wanna try to bang her?
  7. This heat is gonna kill me

    im sorry. but that literally impossible. being as i have no idea who you are & quite frankly, after reading such atrocious words, i dont think you will ever be allowed the pleasure of meeting me. thank u to everyone else! i thought i was staying hydrated tho...i guess i was wrong.
  8. WELCOME hevn77

    noo i wasnt e-beefing with dee.
  9. This heat is gonna kill me

    i wish i could have used drugs as an excuse but no, only alcohol. i havent done drugs in a verrrry long time
  10. This heat is gonna kill me

    well i was at neptunes all day saturday...entirely too intoxicated for life...i went to sleep that night & woke up the next morning feeling hungover but fine. so i went out by the pool and took the sun ( not even for that long ). i didnt actually go in the water...which i should have...n i drank water but apparantly not enough. i was fine the whole way home from the hamptons. its not until i got in my car alone to go home that it started hitting me bad. my lips tightened and i couldnt smile. then my arms and my neck started to feel like they had pins & needles...then my hands curled up & i couldnt get them to be regular. i didnt want to pull over on the side of the road cuz i was too scared no one would stop. so i drove the rest of the way home with my wrists. i got to my house and i didnt even shut my car off...i opened the door and just fell on the floor. luckily my aunt was on my front porch and she pulled me into the house. she kept asking what was wrong but i couldnt speak to tell her. she put ice on my back and my head and put the fan on me to let me cool down. when i started to feel a little better i went to the hospital. they bathed me in ice water & gave me fluids thru IV. i had a temp of almost 103 & if i had stayed in the car any longer i could have died. it was mainly bc i was so dehydrated from the alcohol the day before & then not drinking enough water the next day. plus sitting in the sun. damn that was alot
  11. literally...i spent 8 hours in the hospital yesterday bc of heat stroke. worst feeling ever, especially during the seizure. i really hope you all plan on staying hydrated & cool this summer
  12. Body Alarms

    jesus wore sandals
  13. Body Alarms

    gotcha. still dont know where it is. but gotcha sooo...clearly this morning is going by super slow
  14. Body Alarms

    where in jersey do u live? i used to work in fairfield so if u dont live anywhere close to that dont bother telling me, cuz i have no idea where anything is.
  15. Body Alarms

    sounds good. hopefully i will find myself severely incoherent by 3pm today at neptunes.