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  1. open deck sessions nyc

    I play in clubs back home so a being a bedroom dj is something i left behind although i still play at home too, but its mainly prep work for the weekend. hope that doesnt sound like i am bit obnoxious(not trying to be). thanks for the offer but i am looking for something with more than a capacity for four LOL....LOL.....LOL!!!!!!!!
  2. open deck sessions nyc

    any one know of any, play house music so any info would be greatly welcomed. peace
  3. hows the craic on this side

    just over from ireland for the summer. i dj at home and was wondering if any of you guys know of an open deck session around new york. would dearly love to play a few records over here. if anyone has any relevant info dont hesitate to reply. P.S. i play house music in the broadest sense, i'm not a pigeon holer so am open to new sounds.