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  1. :: Review of Vegas 2006 ::

    UPDATE ALERT for the Public and true hard die-hard nitelcub citizens! TEATRO @ MGM Grand -CLOSED RA @ Luxor - CLOSED Vivid @ Venetian - CLOSED ALL EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY as of July 2006! I'll keep posting updates as of NEW venues and old ones gone as I hear of the news! DANCE ON! Patrick G aka... PJIZZEL out! ;-) Your SINCITY VIP Nitelife Entertainment Ambassador check me at: www.myspace.com/pjsincity
  2. All Newbies are required to:

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE Helio phone??????? (otherwise known as the MYSpace phone!) IT LOOKS BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! later P. out!
  3. one more new guy, here.

    ON THE WESTCOAST!!!!!! PARTY SCENE IS incredible! hope u come out to visit and play! p out!
  4. one more new guy, here.

    Hi ALL, just activated my account today! So far looks like a cool site and seems pretty informative and current! I can help people who are interested in purchasing the "REAL DEAL" authentic VIP Club Passes to some of Vegas's Hottest clubs, NO not those street promo. flyers you so seldom see on the Las Vegas Strip! Hit me up if you are looking to have you and/or buddies, clients etc.. a very special and memoriable time in STYLE that is VEGAS STYLE!!!!!!!!!! After all "YOU Did NOT come to Vegas to wait in line!" peace out my Club Planet citizens! -patrick G out!