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  1. So What's LAX like?

    Here's my review on LAX: Date: 10/19/07 Layout: It was alright. Dance floor was extremely crowded. VIP: Service was awesome. Our area had our own security. He was great. Our waitress was very nice and same for our host. Crowd: Very crowded. I thought it was the same crowd Ra attracted. Definitely more guys than girls. The quality of the girls was not very good. Music: I thought it was a good choice of music and it sounded good. Overall: Definitely not impressed, especially for the money.
  2. So What's LAX like?

    Looking to try LAX this weekend? Is it any good? Is it big/small? Good female to male ratio? Also, does anyone have any contacts there? Looking to NOT wait. Will have a female companion. thanks
  3. Admission fees, club entry, etc. question

    For the most part they are legit. You can always ask cab drivers for them too. You just have to read the fine print, in your case "before midnight". I would get there early, like around 10:45. If you are a group of guys, you might have to wait longer. Recruit women or just hand a doorman about $25/person, not to wait.
  4. 21st Celebration this weekend - Need connections

    You shouldn't have any problems getting in with that ratio. Just have the girls stand in the front, then the doorman will ask how many. Unless you do Pure where it's a mad house. The hardest part is getting noticed to get in, you just might have to wait. Or slip some money to guy in a jacket. The clubs have a lot of dudes, so they're getting in somehow.
  5. First Time in Boston

    Thanks again for all your help. The training is for IT stuff..
  6. First Time in Boston

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like Avalon is good on Friday. What would you recommend then for Saturday night? thanks again
  7. First Time in Boston

  8. First Time in Boston

    Heading to Boston for nine days for training. Can anyone suggest some clubs to go to? Equivalent to NYC's Crobar would be very cool and also like NYC's Marquee. thanks
  9. Tables and Bottle Service

    The $400 is just to "buy" the table. I don't mind the bottle prices, but paying $400 hoping the host treats you right is rather excessive. But if that's the going rate, then who am I to argue about supply and demand.
  10. Tables and Bottle Service

    What is the price for a table at the top clubs(Pure, Body English, Jet)? Can't I just call the club and have them reserve a table? What does it cost, to the VIP host, to get a table in the Main room at Jet? I want to do bottle service at clubs but paying $400+ to a host seems high. Am I missing something?