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  1. DJ TOP 100 POLL and M8 DJ Awards

    Hi I’m new to this forum, I’m a big fan of lawler’s and been going to see him play now for several years, since 1998 at cream in liverpool… I don’t usually post on forum’s and that’s the very reason why I think lawler suffers when it comes to these polls… most of the people that love what the man does, are people that want to party and don’t think about things like going on forums and DJ competitions… but I’m converted, because there is no one that can create an atmosphere like lawler So I just wanted to say hi, and get some support for the man like LAWLER There’s one thing about lawler you can’t deny, and that is he always delivers.. As it’s that time of year again, where we can show our support to him, as he does constantly to us.. Vote for him in everything we can, because it’s us that are going to make the difference.. I have noticed not only for the DJ TOP 100 but also he’s been nominated for the DJ Ibiza awards and the M8 Ibiza awards.. I don’t know about you lot but I’m fed up of seeing the same old names up there, and especially names that don’t deliver and let you down, with either boring sets or no shows.. And as for the trance lot, there should be a different poll! I mean it is a different scene!.. He’s going to be my number 1 for sure... Here’s the M8 link for info to get your vote in http://www.m8ibizadanceawards.com DJ Mag Top 100 http://djmag.com/top100 oh and… VIVA LA HOUSE MUSIC