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  1. Song ID

    I heard this track the other day for you nyc'ers on pusle 87.7 Its a girl in this soft tone. the chorus is just "these roads are long these roads are long" I heard get up and go downtown. Hold me down. very trancy song not sure at all what it is
  2. Track ID

    Heres a few lines of it it was preety popular a few months ago just cant figure out who its by. Its a chick singin goin party for the weekend. (main chorous) you been coming on too strong. i should know by now my direction was wrong. cause im going to break away. going to leave you standing there. cause i had enough.
  3. Midnight Mix

    that sucks they had a cool thing going
  4. looks like it can be a good station, do they plan on making it to broadcast in nyc
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Jp - Not over yet '99 (matt darey's remix)
  6. Music Forum: Top 5 tracks of the Year

    Evermore - Its too late. Roger sanchez - lost Joey Negro-Make A Move On Me Tom sigmond - one moment Bob Sinclair - World Hold on or Elecktro
  7. not starting rumors about KTU but

    the saturday night dance factory was always preety decent. I remember back in the day they had JP live from SF a few times lol. But that really sucks about ktu only dance music around. i hope they get back on track
  8. Yea which apple store does this always go down at?
  9. Track ID

    Its a few months old but i completly forgot the name of it. I be on top dancing. dancing to the rythem. ba da da bob bob. electro is fine... IM sure everyone here knows it
  10. Starting to get into the scene

    I checked out a few clips of danny krivit @ 718 session's. Thats deffinatly something im going to check out for the next one. Thanks for the suggestions silverbull
  11. Starting to get into the scene

    lol im just preety clueless. Sat nights are a hard night for me to get to cause of my shit schedule of work that i go to work at 6am on sunday mornin's. So thats why i ask if anything worthwhile goes down on sunday nights
  12. Starting to get into the scene

    Are there ever any good sunday night spot's also?
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Jonathan peters remix of - paula cole - i belive in love
  14. junior @ webster hall

    Looks like a good lineup. but WH i dunno about that